Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 01

It is the dawn of civil war. The Rebel Alliance is gathering strength, looking for ways to strike a blow against the evil Galactic Empire. In the Arkanis Sector, the Twi’lek Rebel agent Lu’Nimah was sent to scout for sources of explosives needed to support the rebellion. Agent Lu’Nimah requested pickup in deep space, not […]

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Group World Creation for the Arkanis Sector

Star Wars Episode 00: Campaign Charter & World Creation

Had our kickoff session last night. Six folks attended. First we created our ‘Campaign Charter’. We used 3×5 notecards this time and it worked great! Fast and very collaborative. The next part of the session involved each of us taking an planet which had no canon description and fleshing out ideas for what was on […]

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The Village of Orlane

Mysteries of Redmark: The Village of Orlane

Our heroes, along with a new companion, were en route to Tyre in Kashpar to secure a set of legendary keys which would allow entrance to the legendary king of Oskarria. Along the way they were asked to check in with the mayor of Orlane, since there had been troubling reports. Our players had entered […]

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Ragnarok-Session 2 Destruction of Hel’s Needle

After much traveling, the party finds what they believe to be the source of the recent undead bear problem for Evingard.  It’s a tall bone spire surrounded by several smaller altar looking things in the middle of a large crater.  Several undead bears seem to be stuck in the crater and through some clever use […]

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