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Saturday Night Dice

star-wars-edge-of-the-empire-18967Saturday Night Dice is a bi-weekly game group which meets 6:30-10:30pm on Saturdays (doors open at 6pm though). The game group is capped at 5 players plus a GM. Favored game systems for this group are non-fantasy genre modern systems like Savage Worlds, Apocalypse World and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

Our group email for Saturday Night Dice is Emails from the group have a ‘[Saturday Night Dice]’ tag at the beginning of the email subject line. All group emails are stored in the Google Groups forum site at

Our gaming roadmap is currently:

  • Dreadfall / Cinematic (Apocalypse World Hack) (Stan as GM) through Q4 2014 or so.
  • Firefly / Savage Worlds (Jeff as GM; Jeff is an old hat at Savage Worlds and it will be good to master this system for use in other future one-shots and campaigns)
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Stan as GM) starting mid-2015, and I’d be willing to run it for quite a while.

So I will advise folks in the group to put Savage Worlds and Edge of the Empire on your Christmas wish list!

One-Shots we’ll have in our back-pocket include:

  • Fiasco (Jeff)
  • Boot Hill (Stan)
  • Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok (Mason)
  • Firefly or Deadlands / Savage Worlds (Jeff)

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  1. Mark Anthony Malo

    Well, I decided to support you all on Patreon, did so, then read the post that said you are stopping patreon support 🙁 ok…so now I am supporting you on Anchor (whatever that is).

    You are my favorite podcast to listen to when I am hiking with my dog (except for the first episodes when the guys were on the planet and your ambient sounds would freak me the fuck out because it would sound like some creature was behind me). Can’t wait for 2021!

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