Here is a list of Notable NPCs the crew has run across.

This page is to help everyone keep track of where they know people and why.


  • Equias- Scurillian Female

The crew found Equias floating on the wreckage of the LaLa off the coast of Torath-Ka,was a crewmember with Draxson and only other survivor. She has been exploring the ocean and making measurements of waterlines. She has come to the conclusion that the Caribdus is still flooding and many towns will be covered in three years. She is still with the Crew but her position and future is unknown.

  • Sarick- Scurillian Male

A Scurillian that works in the Black Queen as an information broker and black market dealer. He is bright orange with a deep scar running diagonally along his carapace. Sarick likes to collect rare and interesting objects or trickents but he has a particular fondness of charts and maps. He is familiar with Brachus and is more friendly to the crew then most because of this.

  • Annie Mason- Human Female

Irish human from 1813, her family were emigrating from Ireland to America when she came to Caribdus. She was captured and sold as a slave to Halu Holloan who runs the Black Queen. The Crew helped her escape.

  • Jomba- Human Male / Deceases / Ghost

Jomba was a whaler on earth from New Zealend Maori people. He ended up in Caribdus several years ago and was captured as a slave. He escaped and founded Jomba town for it to be take from him by ex-slavers. During this event Jomba was killed by Ian O’Connell and haunted the Ghost Trail. The Crew killed Ian and freed Jomba from his torment but he is forced guard to Trail. Eti is his adopted Son.

  • Eti- Grael Male /

Eti is the son of Jomba and the leader of his tribe of freedom fighters “Kaumatua”. They follow Jomba’s teachings and his Maori belife systems and culture. He helped the crew raid Ian’s Slaver fortress and assisted with taking Jomba Town back.