Race: Atani

Age: 17

Unbeknownst to the Crow he was born the son of 2 noble members of the Atani, some 4 years before the Flood.  Strangely, at his birth he had a full head of raven black hair and his wings were more bat-like than his other kin.

His fate was forever altered at the age of 4, when his family travelled to the Kieran Empire.  His parents were sent as diplomats for Atani to petition “The Great Whale” of Kiera to create a protected grove of Carroway trees that once existed in the Empire (covered by water in the coming flood).  This forest was being cut down and his people sought to protect this sacred grove.

Emperor Jannis Jant “The Great Whale” claimed the diplomats were spy’s come to steal secrets from his empire and he locked up the family (including the young Atani).

The Atani sent their best councilor to negotiate the freedom of the diplomats and their family. The counselor, not three days before the Flood, managed to secure the release of the young child and sent him on a merchant ship with a mercenary guard to take him home.  The counselor stayed to continue the negotiations for the parents, who some think to either be dead or locked in the dread prison of Paltos.

Three days later the ship carrying the boy was attacked by a giant sea creature and wrecked off the coast of the ancient “Torath-Ka”. During the downpour of rain and the struggle to get to shore the mercenary and most of the crew drowned. If it were not for the bravery of the ship’s cook, a Kieran, the boy would have died as well. The cook, in his late 60′,managed to get both himself and the boy ashore, but not before severely injuring himself. While they both made it alive, the injured cook has had the misfortune of catching a fever and died 7 days later. This 4 year old boy would surely die on his own somehow didn’t.

Days passed, Crow hid in the tops of trees, scared to come down to the ground. Gliding between  trees he managed to kill birds and eat them to live. He survived for what must have been almost 4-5 months on his own in the deadly jungles of Torath-Ka, all the while becoming himself like a beast of the jungle..

Then one day he saw some men, not the RED MEN who walked the jungle floor, but men with dark skin, who spoke a strange language. They had fire sticks and built huts, the boy was curious to see these new arrivals.  After watching them a few days the boy came close the camp and one of the dark skinned men offered him some food.  The boy was very hungry and took the offering but ran away. This routine went on for over a week. Finally over time the boy trusted the man and entered the camp to live with these strange men. The man name the boy Crow (after the Jamaican Crows, small bird with black features). The man’s name was Rayford. He was a Jamaican slave whose ship was lured into this land by the Maiden. He and his two fellow slaves Mutumbo and Alphonse were the only ones to survive when their ship wrecked.

They lived on the island for the next 5 years. The Crow was taught to understand Jamaican and the boy taught his friends Masaquani. Sadly Crow watched as one by one his friends were killed in this savage land. Crow started to believe that all those around him were destined to die. His parents (who he could barely remember) has been lost, the mercenary who was to protect him drowned, the Kieran Cook died of fever, these 3 kind men all died being torn and eaten by animals on this deadly island.

Crow again returned to the tree tops to survive. He hid in the trees, but now armed Rayford’s rifle, a bow they helped him fashion and a better sense of survival. He survived alone for about 2 years,when the Captain came…

The Captain, Abram Jonas, had come to the island on a mission to capture a rare animal.  A beast who’s liver had medicinal and some said magical properties. Captain Abram claimed the beast and found Crow in the process and the Captain offered to take him off the island. Crow’s curiosity and need for humanoid interaction caused him to bond with these crewmen, especially the Captain. He became like his second father, teaching Crow how to rig a line and how to sail a ship.

Crow travelled with the Captain for over 5 years on his frigate the Rebecca.  He also became friends with Brachus and the first mate Liam. He found quiet and solitude in the “Crow’s nest” of the ship, reminding him of the safety of the tree tops while he survived on Torath-Ka.

Crow fears the day when these kind people around him die. He fears he is cursed and all who protect him will perish. He will do anything to protect those around him and his is curious to explore this world, discover his past and find his way in the world.

So begins the adventures of the Crow the Atani….