Stuff you should review before the 24th

Big thing you need to know about the game is the setting — it’s my own world, sort of ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Citystate of the Invincible Overlord’.

Read this short document — single main thing I want you to review:

World of Redmark — Setting Overview:

And see this map (I had an artist create the map — hope you like it.):

World of Redmark — Map and Icons (Major NPCs):

Here are some House Rules:

Stan’s 5e House Rules

Lastly (for those with time to read it) is a description (still in progress) for the ‘Icons’ (important NPCs) in the world. Perhaps your character has some connection to one of the icons?

Stuff to be aware of after the 24th:

Long term I want to run a D&D campaign in the ShinnCon / all-day Saturday mode. That is my tentative plan for after the Traveller campaign ends.

When we kick off the formal campaign, I’d like to do a world creation exercise. We’d start from my existing map, but together craft the history of the world (with tie-ins for our PCs today), using rules I’ll adapt from this product — you get to shape the history of the world!:

Idea would be for this to be a long-running campaign group, meeting quarterly all-day Saturdays, starting maybe Q3 or Q4 next year.

Also, for reference, are a couple of the maps I’ve commissioned for this world:

World of Redmark — World Map:

Citystate of Redmark — City Map: