Current Starfleet Ranks

Current Starfleet Ranks

During the first half of 2018, we will be playing Season 1 of our Star Trek Adventures campaign, which will be a prequal season that happens a short time before the long-term campaign story arc. We’ll use the first 6 or so sessions to learn the rules and think though playstyle decisions for the longer term campaign (things like starting ranks and rank advancement, troupe style play, bridge crew vs. below decks characters, use of secondary characters, how we manage experience and milestones for leveling, etc.).

For Season 2, starting around mid-year, we will do the normal, collaborative ‘lifepath’ style character creation as a group and create our longer-term characters (you can pull forward your Season 1 Character if you’re in love with them though).

For Season 1, choose a pregen from this Google Drive folder. Tweak the characters as needed (changing their name, rank, and race as desired). If you change the race, we may need to modify their Talents (since some are race-specific), but we’ll not sweat that too much for the first game or two. We will discuss experience and leveling process in February.


The campaign takes place in The Original Series era (during the time of Kirk’s famed 5 year mission) in the Taurus Reach (aka The Rimward Frontier). You are aboard the U.S.S. Darius, a single-nacelle Saladin Class starship led by Captain Gregory Konstans (NPC). During Season 1 you’ll be doing planet-of-the-week adventures. We will avoid Starship Combat until a few episodes in once we’ve mastered the basic rules and moved on to learn the starship rules. Read the Session 1 Captain’s Log for a recap of the initial episode.

Season 1 House Rules for Characters

Here are the house-rules I have for the character you select:

  1. Ranks — Select a rank for your character. Your rank can be anything from Ensign to Commander (in the field, Starfleet command structure is pretty egalitarian; we will put more thought to starting command structure for characters in Season 2).
    Ranks (from lower to higher)
  2. Allowed Species — Andorian, Denobulan, Human, Tellarite, Trill, and Vulcan (Bajoran and Betazoid are not allowed in TOS era).
  3. Species Mix — In order to invoke the tone of the TV shows, half or more of the player characters should be human. Additionally, any character who is not human should be the only player character of that species (e.g. there should not be two Vulcans on the main crew).
  4. Unique First Letter of Last Name — To help keep characters memorable, have first letters of the characters last name (or name they go by) be unique. That way we won’t have Ensign Edwards and Ensign Edmund type confusion.
  5. Unique Crew Roles — Main characters should have unique roles (e.g. Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, etc.). If we find sessions where a key role is unoccupied due to a missing player, we will fill that role with a Secondary Character.

Current Characters

  • Lieutenant Bennett (the Human Chief Medical Officer, played by Bailey, based on the Doctor Patil pregen)
  • Lieutenant Commander Abossas (the Andorian Chief Of Security, played by Mason, based on the Lt Commander Zharath pregen)
  • Ensign Sevek (the Vulcan Science Officer, played by Jeff M., based on the Ensign Sevek-T_Vel pregen)
  • Captain Gregory Konstans (NPC)

Unassigned Pregens

  • Lt Commander Tor (Tellarite (the pig looking guys in TOS), Chief Engineer)
  • Lieutenant Yolen – Phenna (Denobulan (like Phlox in the Enterprise series), Flight Controller)
  • Captain Martinez (Human, Commanding Officer, would need to change his rank)