Player Characters:

  • Draco (Human Fighter) — John
  • Quintos (Human Fighter) — Mason
  • Maedir (Half-Elf Ranger) — Kevin
  • Martines (Halfling Rogue) — Emory
  • Radgar (High Elf Wizard) — Robert

Characters Loved, Lost or Longed After by Player Characters:

  • Draco — Loved Zaira, his sister who betrayed him and stole the barony before leaving for parts unknown. Possibly killed Draco’s father Maximilian, though his fate is not certain.
  • Quintos — Loves Amelia, daughter of a Madam at a brothel, whose innocence has kept her unobtainable.
  • Maedir — His father Loquin was killed (or went missing) in a boating accident near Osskaria. The castaways who Maedir and his companions rescued from Deathmist Isle spoke of rumors that Loquin died en route from Xana to Ravnor when his ship sank in a storm.
  • Martines — Connections to his Grandpa Johaness.
  • RadgarJandar, his father, died in their home village.

Characters from The Wheel of Time (Nov. 24, 2014)

  • Gwydion — Current seneschal (steward) of the throne and head of the council of Ravnor.
  • King Alendus II — Oppressive monarch of Osskarria whose iron hand led to the overthrow of the Osskarian monarchy.
  • Brothers of Brie — Monastic brotherhood who hold prophecies key to Osskaria’s future.
  • Loring the Lost — Twelfth king of Osskaria who went missing after he gained amnesia from drinking from magic water on Deathmist Isle.
  • Llywelyn the Just — Revered by all as a good and just king. Though dead for centuries, he is foretold to return one day as king of Osskaria.
  • Archmage Brandt and his brother the High Priest Hild — Two brothers who crafted the Wheel of Time and dwelt on Deathmist Isle until their mysterious disappearance.
  • Egar — Captain of the ship that transported the heroes to Deathmist Isle, only to betray them and leave them tied to a doomed ship while he and his crew left in longboats.
  • Publius — The chief of the intelligent ape tribe which was all but wiped out by the heroes.
  • Thorun — Spokeman for the castaways whom the heroes rescued.
  • Ravnor — Capital of Osskaria.