Player Characters

  • Ghost Dancer — A man, with war chants and self proclaimed Indian.
  • Ivamel — A man with a stranger past.
  • Lundie — The pious dwarf, devout and strong.
  • Marcus — An officer in the IX legion and a roman priest of Mars.
  • Quintos — From a noble family and a roman veneficus, a warlock of the IX legion.
  • Ragnor Thunderseed — Halfling barbarian and sometimes party companion.

People & Things

  • Sister Sophia — Catholic nun dispatched from the Archbishop of Redmark along with a party of heroes to deal with the threat of the Orc Lord questing for Urthjarl gems.
  • Father Faldelac — Abbott of Our Lady of the Lots.
  • Urthjarl — A legendary mage from the Second Age whose eight gemstones formed part of the ‘Urthjarl Octogon’ now lost to the mists of time.
  • Enmyr’s Codex — A tome written in Zygannian script which compiles Enmyr’s notes along with numerous Second Age parchment fragments.
  • Hashar — Former Bugbear mercenary who turned on the PCs.


  • Thrëa — The World of Redmark.
  • Inlaness — Name of the region in which Nimroth is located.
  • Nimroth — Former elvish city lead by the merchant prince Renaldo.
  • Our Lady of the Lots — Catholic monastery and place of auguries.
  • Bone Hill — Bugbear infested castle with loads of undead and mysteries.
  • The Minotaur and The Emperor Inn — Popular place where the PCs stay when in Nimroth.
  • Isle of Vridensia — Location unknown; erstwhile location of ‘Buffalo’.

Denizens of The Minotaur and The Emperor Inn

  • Lorenza — Gypsy-looking owner of the Inn.
  • Lyndette — The luscious Lyndette is a “waitress” who is more than willing to serve—for the right price.
  • Stanford — Attentive to Lyndette and then ready to fight, until charmed by Quintos.
  • Bralga — Large-and-in-charge bearded female dwarf.
  • Helga — Large woman at inn who Stanford ended up with.
  • Wilbur — Wee Halfling boy.

Denizens of Nimroth

  • Captain Hayden — Head of the city guard, and Marcus’s new soldier buddy.
  • Lord Renaldo –the Merchant Prince. changes the name of the town from the ancient elven Nimroth to Restenford, and declares open season on all elves in the city.
  • Arilon — Former despised attendant of Renaldo who barely got away at the start of the elvish purge.
  • Dasheen—one of a group of elves who follow the goddess Dashani and believe in racial purity. They will apparently kill half-elves and humans for some unknown end.

Celestials & Deities

  • Mars — Marcus’ god.
  • Moradin — Dwarvish god.
  • Caldrindia  — Arkon, ‘wife’ of Thrëa’s Arkon equivalent to Mars whose avatar appeared in a statue below Bone Hill.
  • Our Lady of the Lots — Patron Saint of the Nimroth area monastery, who bears a great resemblance to Fortuna from Marcus’ pantheon.

Rumors & Insights

  • Living southwest of Nimroth are a pack of wolves that are supposedly the pets of an evil giant.
  • People say that there is a ruined castle on top of Bone Hill.
  • There are many pious people Stonehelm, people searching for a little “luck of the gods” in their life. Marcus also learned that there is a guard house by the shore in Stonehelm and it is said that there “things move in the shadows”.
  • At Elinae’s reliquary, Ghost investigated a strange Earth creature the “Buffalo”. During his studies he found an island called the Isle of Vridensia. Quintos recovering from his hang over, hearing the name recalls some lore he studied during his arcane training. Quintos stated the Isle, during the second age, was a place that wizards brought many of the creatures of Earth to Thrëa. Creatures like Minotaurs, Gorgons, Cyclops, etc.
  • Marcus was dreaming or perhaps it was a nightmare. He saw Hashar in what must have been Bugbear hell. Hashar was marshaling some of the Bugbear forces against a Bugbear demon lord with a pitchfork. They were arguing.
  • The orc raiders appear to be from different factions. Session 01 had squirrel skulls, Session 10 had skulls branded onto shoulders.
  • Deck of Many Things rumored to be in use in Redmark (of interest to Ivamel).