Let’s tighten up our groups understanding of D&D rules. Here’s a list of topics to discuss.

Rules Questions (Stan)

  1. Xanathar’s Page 5 has a 10 Rules to Remember area
  2. Generally how to implement passive perception vs. “active” perception, and how that plays out with groups (e.g. “surprise” rounds when PCs surprise NPCs, and vice versa).
  3. When you have reinforcements join AFTER the first combat round, how/when do you add them in the initiative order?
  4. There was some difference between Ability Checks, Saving Throws, and (a third thing I forget), and how natural 1s and natural 20s play out between these three types of dice rolls.
  5. General Stealth & Hiding
  6. Hide / Stealth / Sneak Attack
  7. Group Stealth (50% of group succeed?)
  8. Bonus Actions
  9. Skills
  10. Calc for Perc. & Pass Perc.
  11. Tracking skills

Rules Answers (Jeff)

  1. Spells – if you cast any spell as a bonus action you can only cast a cantrip for the rest of the round
  2. Battle Master Attacks – can only use maneuver dice 1/attack action. This caught me last night as on my final attack action I used 1/attack. Subtle difference but means that if someone gets 3 attacks per attack action then they can only use 1 die per turn. The attacks that knocked the ladies off their dinosaurs was fine as I used action surge so that was 2 attack actions.
  3. Hide – this is an opposed check (Stealth vs Perception or special circumstances allow vs Passive Perception) and specifically spells out that you cannot hide from a creature that can see you.