XP Total
Diary Entries
03/7/2015Character Creation / Contract0
13/15/2015The Maiden Voyage5
23/28/2015Fun at Brigandy Bay2
34/12/2015Adventures with Stumpy Pete- Pt 12
45/5/2015Adventures with Stumpy Pete- Pt 22
55/30/2015Calling Redbeard Rufus..3
66/20/2015Trouble in Jomba Town Part 12
77/18/2015Trouble in Jomba Town Part 22
87/20/2015Adventures of Crow: Homeward Bound2
98/1/2015The Demise of Ian O’Connell3
108/29/2015A Free Jomba Town2
119/19/2015The Liberator No More2
129/26/2015The Admirals Proposal2
1310/24/2015Battle at the Devil's Spires2
1411/7/2015Captain Abdullah and the Unmentionable Wound2
1511/21/2015Tressa the Red and the Shark Slap2
1612/5/2015Tears of Lys- Part 12
171/16/2016Tears of Lys- Part 2 The Great Sacrifice3
181/30/2016Escape from Paltos2
192/13/2016The Sphere2
202/27/2016Trouble at Brigandy Bay2
213/26/2016A Navigational Error..2
225/7/16A Visit to Baltimus- Part 12
238/18/16A Visit to Baltimus- Part 2- The Death of Bruno2
247/9/16Pure Earth Water3
257/16/16Donga Lives!2
268/13/16The Archmage- Part 12
278/27/16The Archmage- Part 2- The Inquisition3
289-24-16Pirating or Privateering?2
2911-5-16Prelude to War2
3012-17-16Battle for Baltimus3
311-14-17The Prince- Part 12
322-4-17The Prince- Part 2 and Crows Last Flight3
333-18-17The Shiani and Hunting Blackbeard2
344/8/17A Great Price to Pay5
356/17/17Battle of Devils Cross- Final game