Lore of the Atani

The Atani are a gentle race living high in their tree cities. Beautill pathways, bridges, and platforms were built on the side of the trees. During the height of their power they fully populated seven great Groves all throughout Caribdus. Each Grove had an Elder who spoke for the Grove and was an informal spiritual leader. In addition most Groves had several loosely tied family clans and each clan had a Leader which represented their interests.

Unknown to most outsiders the Carroway trees in a Grove are all interconnected and form a type of simple sentience and a source of power. Each Grove has a taller and older tree known as the Heartwood, this tree serves as the centerpiece of power for the Grove. The Elder and some talented Atani can “speak” to and for the trees. Typically there were several in a generation, mostly along family lines, Atani that could use the power of the Carroway. These Shiani are guardians of the Grove that have a type of elemental power. Typically the Shiani take on a greenish/gold hue when they commit to the Heartwood. Due to a generic tic or just luck, most Shiani also have a different skin tone than the typical Atani causing them to stand out. It is unknown why. Over the last 30 years Shiani were becoming rare as the forest fell into decline. One per generation was considered fortunate before the flood.

Even before the great flood the Atani were under threat. The Carroway forests were being cut down at an alarming rate and overall the power of their forest spirit was being weakened. The Kieran Empire laid claim to the edges of several huge Groves and began cutting huge tracks of Carroway for their own use. As the Groves died the power and intelligence weakened. In addition, when the Elemententals were bonded to power Mages, this somehow affected the Groves. The cost of both power and industrial progress sent the Groves on an overall decline.

The Flood changed everything. Six enormous Groves were lost within a month and huge portion of the overall mind fell silent and died. Many Atani died and some of the old ways lost. There is only one remaining Grove, Maroa. Her elder is an old Atani and with the power weakened the future of the Grove is uncertain.

Recently the Elder Windsong put the Grove in lockdown. Not allowing any further trade with Below Town or anyone (Atani) included to come or go. After his orders the Elder fell into seclusion along with the Clan leaders. Carroway fruit production is down significantly and all people can sense something is wrong with the trees. Some noble rebels are looking for a way to right this wrong but do not know how.

New Arcane Power

Spirit of the Heartwood(Shiani)

Arcane Skill: Elemental Magic (Spirit)

Starting Powers: 2

ArmorBarrierDispelBoltBurrowDeflectionDamage field
Elemental ManipEntangleFarsightShape ChangeSlowSlumberSpeak Language
Wall WalkerMendSpeed

Hinderance: Must soak in sunlight for 2 hours daily, if not suffer a fatigue.

Taking the Green: Shiani commune with the trees but take on some of their essence and they change with a golden green hue so they stand out in a crowd.

Heartwood: The Shiani must carry and protect the sapling. This sapling is a manifestation of the Trees and required to access the powers. If lost Shiani is Fatigued until recovered. The sapling when being transported can retreat into a seedpod.