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Questions about our site or content? You can contact Stan Shinn via Facebook or Instagram.

Thursday Night Dice

Thursday Night Dice is a weekly game group which meets 6:30-10:30pm on Thursdays (doors open at 6:00pm).

Friday Night Dice

Friday Night Dice is a weekly teen game group which meets 5:45-8:30pm on Fridays.


ShinnCon is a periodic all-weekend game-a-thon for Stan’s select gaming friends.

Peripheral Pastimes

While not our main focus, we have related hobbies which may come into our games from time to time such as Historical miniatures gaming and board games such as Lords of Waterdeep.



  1. Jeremy

    Stan Shinn had an article about making a stowable gaming table (I think from 2016) and the link doesn’t work for me anymore. Is the article still available? thank you.

  2. Andrew

    Been awhile so I’m just dropping in to see if there are any more planned episodes or seasons or games in the future — haven’t found updates or anything about the future of the group. Hoping we get something, even if it’s not Traveller S2!

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