Concept:  A young man with savant level tech and mechanical understanding and skills.  His ability to recognize and correctly analyze danger doesn’t seem to be as developed.  Perhaps it’s just his curiosity is just to strong for him to care. He has the intellectual capacity of one educated in the best universities of the cities.  But growing up on the plantation hasn’t allowed him the opportunity to fully explore it.  Instead, he has always sought out his own education, in a way, through his seemingly insatiable curiosity regarding all things technological or mechanical.  That same curiosity would often get him into trouble with the local authorities.  Fortunately, it has also resulted in him scoring very well on his test for the Apprentice program.

Connections:  Phillip’s dad would invite him over to fix his smuggled city tech.  So Philip and Castle grew up together, becoming long term friends in the process.  Castle’s  primary “adventure” buddy was Sam.  And fortunately so.  If not for Sam, Castle would probably have died young.  Or, at least, wound up in jail for a long time.  As a thank you, and to prevent his friend from being left behind, Castle rigged Sam’s Apprentice test to ensure he passed.

Enemy:  His curiosity led him to no surprising amount of  trouble with the local Watchers and the Overseer.  They started just assigning a man to keep an eye on him all the time, which never deterred him.  It’s safe to say that Castle and the local authorities don’t get along. Hopefully, he doesn’t develop a similar relationship with the authorities of Mega-Don.