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Here are some various character sheets and online tools for Cypher System, Numenera, and The Strange.

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Numenera Character Sheets

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System Differences

Differences between the Cypher System and Numenera

  1. Armor is simpler and have less bookkeeping. The types are split into four and are all much more customizable. wearing armor you aren’t proficient in makes spending effort on speed-based rolls costs more. There isn’t a might cost per hour for wearing armor, but a speed inability that you gain.
  2. You can now move within a short distance and act in a round by making a speed 4 running test.
  3. There are four character types instead of three.
  4. Tons of optional rules for specific genres. Power Shifts are new and let supers genres work a little more readily. And with the shifts, difficulties can optionally go up to 15 instead of 10.

Numenera Cheat Sheet

Numenera Cheat Sheet (originally from