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Board Game Part III (Revenge of Talisman)

IMG_0441Grand-Prix-LogoIn the third session of the Board game Grand Prix, we played a starter game of Splendor, and then a lengthy game of Talisman. Unlike our earlier game of Talisman, this time the game turned on us, with Robert and Patrick being turned into toads, Emory harassing Martin’s character throughout the game, and almost all having very bad luck. More of a grind quite frankly. We’re putting Talisman on the shelf for a bit.


So Points awarded:


Robert 2 points for victory at Splendor

Nick 4 points for victory at Talisman

Patrick 2 points for 2nd place in Talisman


Overall standings:

Martin 8 points
Kevin P. 5 points

Nick 5 points
Brooks 4 points
Robert 4 points
Patrick 4 points
It is anybody’s contest at this point.  There is still time for people to jump in.

Board Game Grand Prix Deux

Grand-Prix-LogoIn the second incarnation of the Board Game Grand Prix, we had seven players crowded into a game of Talisman. Yes, the old, second edition version of Talisman; still one of the best classic character building board games there is! Since we exceeded capacity, we called it an Extra Hard game. Finishes:

Kevin P. – 1st place – 5 points
Martin – 2nd place – 3 points
Patrick – 3rd place – 1 point

So the ultimate standings so far this year:

Martin 8 points
Kevin P. 5 points
Brooks 4 points
Robert 2 points
Patrick 2 points
Nick 1 point

Board Game Grand Prix

In the first meeting of the Board Game Grand Prix, four games were played at Common Ground Games.

  • Splendor — winner Martin — 2 points
  • Splendor — winner Martin — 2 points
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault — Martin 1 point (for the Imperials)  [Robert 1 point, Nick 1 point, Brooks 1 point, Patrick 1 point]
  • Ticket to Ride — Winner Brooks  3 points [2nd place Robert 1 point]

We determined that there should be four tiers of games, Tough, Intermediate, co-op and opening.  If you win a tough game, 1st gets 4 points, 2nd gets 2 points.  An Intermediate game winner gets 3 points, and 2nd gets 1 point.  For co-op, the runner automatically gets 1 point.  The group each gets a point if they win, and the runner gets another point if they don’t.  Opening gets 2 points for the victory, but no second place points. So the tally with week one done:

  • Martin — 5 points
  • Brooks — 4 points
  • Robert — 2 points
  • Patrick — 1 point
  • Nick — 1 point

At Christmas time, three gift certificates will be given to the overall first, second and third place finishers. Next week we are at it again as I pushed my DnD game one week.

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