Name – Samson “Sam” Roth

Age – 18

Stats – 6’1”, 195 lbs, European-ish descent


Samson Roth can best be described as just a normal guy – the perfect candidate to work on the plantation his whole life and then die there. His “special” skills lie mostly in the realm of physicality, street smarts, and common-sense (none of which are particularly valued by the Citizenry).  He was raised by his Grandmother who guided him to use his size/strength to protect the weak instead of being a bully.


Sam and Castle form an unlikely duo of brains and brawn with Castle’s intellect and curiosity bringing no end of trouble and Sam’s wits and fists barely keeping them out of it.

Sam also shares a connection with Ezrah because they both grew up without parents.


Sam was not selected to the Apprentice program through the results of his aptitude test but instead was “snuck” in with the help of Castle and a rigged test so that he could join his friends in the city.  His Enemy is the constant threat of being found out by the Citizens and sent back to Greenfields or worse.