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Running Old-School Modules as Backup Games

My Thursday group discussed running some old-school modules for nights when we aren’t doing our main campaign, ideally, the UK series, since those tend to be overland and less dungeon and combat-focused (so-as not to be too much like our main campaign).

Here are some various notes on old-school gaming for a group that mainly does modern D&D (5e, 13th Age, etc.).

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Stan’s Top Game Systems #8: D&D 5e

This is the third of a 10-part series I’m doing on my favorite game systems.

My 8th favorite game system is the latest edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game: D&D. It’s also the most popular RPG in history right now (at least in terms of a raw number of players; it would be interesting to normalize the data for the population of the 1980s since to see if on a per capita basis that was still true).

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Modulating Saving Throw Lethality

When you’re new to BX D&D / Old-School Essentials, the terror of saving throws (such as a save vs. poison) can be palpable.  But death isn’t the only outcome from such saving throws. Let’s take a look at some great examples of creative uses of saving throws (in this case, saves vs. poison) in the excellent The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford by Chance Dudinack.

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Redmark Session 51: A Feast Fit For A … Well Us

Redmark Date: Third Age—May 17, 1332

A feast fit for a … well us

Outside the pylon, Marcus creates a feast for all to enjoy which grants several magical resistances for the party.

Elran notices that the pommel of the dagger that Katarina used to kill the avatar of Thadus Dool has an Alpha & Omega symbols on it and that it is also loose.  Upon looking inside the pommel, he finds a letter from Sister Sophia to Ghost Dancer. This letter talks of orc raiding parties attacking the city of Stonehelm.

Fire Willow proceeds to give the party a primer of the “Prophecy of Decimus”.  Which seems to indicate that the orcish attacks are indeed following the prophecy.

Marcus gets bored os his own feast and the party’s discussions around going to Omnidia or looking into the attacks at Stronghelm and he begins to interact with the console inside the pylon.

The rest of the party decides that as long as we hold three of the stones Thadus Dool cannot control Threa as he needs all seven.

Marcus gets the group moving to Omnidia.

When all else fails; just holler

The party arrives in Omnidia.  It appears to be a jungle with mountains to the north and south.  As if the party was in a valley.

With no leads on the direction of Lundie’s uncle.  Mundie starts to yell out the name of his uncle “Dundulk!!!  Dundulk!!! It’s Lundie … where are you???” This draws the attention of an owlbear which the party quickly dispatches.

Owlbear attack!
Quintos and Marcus have the idea a better way to find Dundulk might be to Scry on him using the crystal ball that Quintos has with him.  Quinton does this and sees Dundulk in a prison cell. Quinton then uses the crystal ball to communicate with Dundulk.

Dundalk talks of “metal men” of both red and white that attacked his party and now imprison him and torture him.

Dundalk says to the best of his knowledge the other pylon is buried deep within the temple of Hygog.

Shortly after the party is attacked by a wizard in red and several war robots.

Mech Attack!

With well placed Hunger of Hadar spell by Quintos, Marcus’s spiritual guardians, Lundie smiting with his warhammer, and Elran sending fireballs at the foes.  The party finds their first encounter with these metal men, “manageable”. That said, they stay alert and weary, but continue on to the Temple of Hygog.

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