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Using 1″ Poker Chips for RPGs and Wargames

I’ve been a big fan of using 1″ poker chips in RPG and wargames for years.  Back in 2017 I pioneered the idea of Stoplight Damage™ and I sold sets of these tokens in my 5e Gamemaster Toolkit Kickstarter. Beyond their use in tracking damage in RPGs, I’ve also found them handy when differentiating squads of soldiers in 3+ player wargames. Need to differentiate your squad of six American WWII soldiers from the other two players with squads on your side? Just use sticky tack to affix 1″ tokens of the same color to your squad’s models.

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Weird War II and the Shadowverse

Weird War II

Weird War II (Click to Enlarge)

My Saturday campaign group has started an Urban Shadows campaign. Our setting we have dubbed the ‘Shadowgames Universe’ (or, as I have taken to thinking of it, the ‘Shadowverse’). It is a sort of Cthulhu / Dresden Files mashup cosmology. Part of what we discussed in creating this setting (since we have 3 GMs who take turns running things) is pulling in other urban fantasy type campaigns such as Solomon Kane, which can link to a grander campaign story, with everything tied together.

I was coincidently prepping some World War II wargame miniatures for an unrelated wargame, when it occured to me that there is an old Savage World setting book I have called ‘Weird War II’ which I think could also be a Shadowverse setting.

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