• Try Gritty Damage
  • Keep to the theme & feel of ‘Star Wars’
  • No Tweeky or Dr. Theopolis
  • Exotic weapons and materials
  • If Darth Vader shows up, want option to kill him [GM likely to keep off camera as solution]
  • Pet ratman like Jabba’s
  • Pod racing
  • The Hutt’s dirty underworld, hunting PCs
  • Serious consequences: planet destruction, enslavement of a race
  • Alex or Mason as a Wookie

Don’t Want


  • Too much power (we are low-powered Rebels)
  • Midi-chlorians (i.e. no testing for Force Powers) [GM will avoid this situation as we’re divided on whether to have existence of Midi-chlorians]
  • Player/PC Goofiness
  • Jar-Jar
  • Opposite gender characters (guys playing girls)