Name: Flining ‘Flin’ Parthad

High concept: Lawman with a sense of right and wrong

Trouble: Banished from position of power, struggling to redeem himself/family

Overview: An 45-something(not young for setting) ex-Watcher with a sense of justice. He is deliberate in nature and not quick to speak. He does his job without complaining and likes to observe, measure and then act. This stoic nature can get him in trouble with his superiors and coupled with a sense of justice can make him question authority which can cause issues.

Very good shot and observations skills, think gunslinger detective(?)


Castle- as a young man Castle got into trouble with the law, Flinning showed mercy and this mercy was used as an excuse from his enemy in the Watch to try to banish him.

Party in general- knows everyone from his role as the Watch and then after once he was a Worker.

Connection NPC:

Someone in power- In the past he helped/saved this person or his family. This person kept him from being kicked out of the wall, but he was demoted and shamed as a worker instead. Helped provided sponsorship (directly or indirectly) to get Flinning a 2nd chance at the Apprenticeship.


Mike Upton — Sponsor whom Jeff saved when Mike Upton was a child from Megadon. Mike’s father, Erwin Upton, was a noble visiting Greenfields to survey his holdings. Mike is now grown and with his father Erwin’s death has assumes lordship of their family’s holdings. Mike never forgot Jeff’s actions in saving him, so he acted to sponsor Jeff to be able to retake the aptitude test and enter the academy.

Ronald Barker — Enemy in the Watch who was fearful Flin would gain favor after Flin saved Mike. Barker tried to get Flin banished.