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The One Ring 2e Online Dice Rollers

One consideration for my next campaign game is making sure the dice are accessible. People forget their dice, or need to game remotely and don’t have dice, or otherwise have challenges which make having some form of digital dice option a must-have in my games. The One Ring RPG uses propriety dice. How do you game virtually using dice for The One Ring RPG? Here are some options.

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Middle-earth Campaign Concludes after 58 Sessions

I first starting running Adventures in Middle-earth back in 2016. Eventually, it turned into a campaign (using the ‘Mirkwood Campaign’ commercial adventure, co-GM’d by multiple GMs) which lasted 3.5 years and took place over 58 sessions (sessions were about 5-6 hours during much of the campaign). It was a grand and epic story, covering 30 years of Middle-earth history in between the years of The Hobbit and the beginning of The Lord of the Rings.

We had great fun, and eventually we may return, perhaps using the new The One Ring 2nd Edition which was recently released.



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