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Middle-earth Campaign Concludes after 58 Sessions

I first starting running Adventures in Middle-earth back in 2016. Eventually, it turned into a campaign (using the ‘Mirkwood Campaign’ commercial adventure, co-GM’d by multiple GMs) which lasted 3.5 years and took place over 58 sessions (sessions were about 5-6 hours during much of the campaign). It was a grand and epic story, covering 30 years of Middle-earth history in between the years of The Hobbit and the beginning of The Lord of the Rings.

We had great fun, and eventually we may return, perhaps using the new The One Ring 2nd Edition which was recently released.



The One Ring & AiME News

Interesting news from a recent interview with Francesco Nepitello, author of The One Ring (TOR) and indirectly of it’s 5e derivative, Adventures in Middle-earth (AiME). As way of background,  the RPG company Free League recently acquired the license for TOR after Cubicle 7 let the license expire. People have wondered about what they will do with the Middle-earth RPG license. Here’s a video with detailed news:


  • New locations will include Eriador, Tharbad, the Grey Havens, and Rivendell
  • All new cultures
  • Conversion guides for the existing 6 cultures (eventually a supplemental book that has all the cultures in one volume)
  • Shire (starter set)
  • Moria!
  • TOR will come first, AiME second
  • Largely backward compatible (streamlining Journey rules for example)
  • Coming “early next year”
  • EDIT: The new default year is 2960 (source)

To get in on the upcoming beta, keep an eye on the Free League forum.

In other news, Andreas Lundström has a “Riddles in the Dark” TOR podcast coming up but already have two extended interviews with game designer Francesco Nepitello.



28mm Middle-earth Miniatures for RPGs and Wargames

I am doing research on what manufacturer’s produce Middle-earth compatible minis with human males in the 28mm or 30mm height range.

Background: I have hundreds of D&D and Pathfinder miniatures (where human males are 28mm tall, sometimes closer to 30 or even 32mm tall). Some call it ’25mm Heroic’ but these larger minis look noticeably taller than the traditional 25mm counterparts. However, most of the Middle-earth miniatures lines are in the true 25mm size range, not 28 or 30mm.

I want to buy minis to use for Middle-earth wargames which will field around 100 models on the table using the Dragon Rampant rules. I am also starting an ‘Adventures in Middle-earth’ roleplaying campaign, so I’d like to use these same miniatures in both Middle-earth wargaming and in tabletop roleplaying games. So I’d rally like my Middle-earth armies to be in the 28mm or 30mm height range.

I asked on the “Wargaming in Middle-earth” Facebook group and got some great feedback!

28mm Metal & Plastic Miniatures

Northstar’s Oathmark miniatures range has a nice range of goblins, dwarves and soon will have elves as well. It is worth taking a look at Frostgrave stuff as well.  These look to be the best looking manufacturer in this size range.

If you go hunting for Dark Age / Saxon cavalry there’s a load of great options out there in 28mm. Gripping Beast do them in metal and plastic.

Footsore Miniatures also have nice mounted Saxons.

I hear that there are plans to add goblin riders, but I’ve not seen official news on that.

Size Comparisons

There are some great blog posts showing the different sizes between GDW Lord of the Rings figures and models such as Oathmark:

Rebased Heroclix Models

I also plan to rebase some Heroclix Lord of the Rings models. I’ll touch up the paint jobs a bit. These are a quick, inexpensive way to get Middle-earth figures on the table that are the 28mm size range.

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