One consideration for my next campaign game is making sure the dice are accessible. People forget their dice, or need to game remotely and don’t have dice, or otherwise have challenges which make having some form of digital dice option a must-have in my games. The One Ring RPG uses propriety dice. How do you game virtually using dice for The One Ring RPG? Here are some options.

Just Use The VTT’s D6’s and a D12

Requires some simple interpretation, but you can always use D6 and D12 dice in your VTT and just interpret the numbers (e.g. ‘The 12 means I got a Gandalf’).

MyGame Dice Roller

Elegant and simple dice roller. It works best on a desktop or maybe iPad and isn’t mobile-friendly. Learn More.

Voidstate Dice Roller

A text-focused dice roller used from a web browser. Lean more.

Discord Dice UI with TOR 2e Features

A Discord dice bot. Does the job but requires too many dropdown clicks, in my opinion. Learn more.

Narvi Discord Bot

A Discord dice bot. Very robust but oriented towards playing the complete game on Discord and having things like your character sheet set up via the Discord command line. It requires knowing how to invoke it via the command line. Learn more and get documentation here.