One topic I’ve recently been pondering is what game system to run for my Saturday group given our current campaign will wind down in a few weeks. Here are criteria I’ve come up with as my wish list for any new campaign:

  1. Ability to create characters in about 15 minutes
  2. Ability to level up a character during the game in about 10 minutes
  3. Player access to the full set of rules electronically without hitting a paywall
  4. Game works well in Owlbear Rodeo (which doesn’t support proprietary dice yet)
  5. Not a lot of excess bookkeeping / accounting
  6. Products fully available and not in beta or using mixed editions

I had previously had hesitations about The One Ring (TOR) since I used Owlbear Rodeo and TOR uses propriety dice. However, I recently researched and found a variety of solutions which I blogged about here.

So TOR is potentially viable as my next campaign. It meets criteria 3-6, and possibly meets criteria 1-2.

I plan on doing some playtesting of TOR to see what character creation and leveling up is like.