A periodic D&D 5e game series set in the World of Redmark (set a few centuries before a future D&D campaign I’ll eventually kick off). Surviving (or valiantly dying) players will become legendary figures who play into the history of the world the ShinnCon PCs will later encounter.

This is the next game in the series last played at this session.

The rules:

  • For ShinnCon VI, characters will be Level 10.
  • Allowed Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings.
  • Alignment: Any Good alignment, or Neutral.
  • Need a quick pre-gen for characters levels 1-10? Get one here or here.
  • Adventures will usually last 1 or sometimes 2 sessions.
  • At end of each adventure, you level up.
  • All characters will level up at same rate, even if you miss a session.
  • If you’re character dies you get to roll up a new character at the same level as the group’s current level.
  • Aim for dramatic moments! Dying valiantly to save the day is what makes a historic moment!
  • You can swap out your character for a new PC or class in future games if you want to try out different classes.
  • Wondrous Weapons or Items — This takes place in the ancient 1st Age of Redmark (modern era is 3rd Age, like in Middle Earth). It’s like Lord of the Rings — this is when they made cool items whose craft was lost in later ages. Each non-caster will get a +3 weapon of your choice. Pick weapons that you might like to have your future PCs find at some point! Think Isuldur’s sword, or Sting from The Hobbit. Also: name your weapon something cool. If you’re primarily a spell-caster, we’ll find some cool magic item for you — let’s browse the DMG and talk in person. May need to figure this out for future games if we don’t have time this week. If you have something else instead of a weapon or magic item you have in mind that would be a cool artifact or legendary aspect for your character, let me know! Be creative!
  • Gear — load up on whatever non-magical equipment you want.
  • For the grognards in the group — check out this 1e style character sheet for 5e: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=52094956134647664441