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Skirmish Wargames Homebrew Roadmap

This is a self-reflection on my home-brew wargaming roadmap. I’ve got a combination RPG and skirmish wargame system in the works which uses a base set of core rules for each products. It will support Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Supers, but I also want it to support historical games. But what types of historical games should I work on first?

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Top Skirmish Wargames for RPG Players

I’ve been on the hunt for a ‘B’ game to have handy when my normal RPG game session doesn’t have enough players for quorum, or if the GM is having a bad day and isn’t feeling like running a game. Some of us aren’t that hip on board games (me included), and wargames seem like a nice option. 

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Neil Thomas Rules for Black Powder Era Napoleonics Wargames

I’m not sure if or when I’ll get into Black Powder era wargaming, but it’s always interested me (mainly because of my love of the Horatio Hornblower books which fed my interest in the Napoleonic wars).

Napoleonic WargamingAnyway, was doing research for a friend on different rules systems for Napoleonics wargames, since I’ve always loved the simplicity of Neil Thomas’s One Hour Wargame rules. It turns out he has FOUR different sets of rules that could be used for Napoleonic wargaming. Those are (listed from least complex rules to most complex rules):

A quick Google search will give you lots of discussion on these rules systems (for example, this one).

There’s a fairly active Yahoo group for all the Neil Thomas games here that has lots of resources, house rules, and discussion on this topic.

One day when I have more free time I’d love to give these rules more attention 🙂

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