Player Characters

  • A9-LX (Jeff) — Droid.
  • Cornelius Vaan (Emory) — Human with a obligation to Bambo the Hutt.
  • Daymont Syko (Mason) — Human with ties to Andooweel, a mysterious Coruscant-style mini-planet.
  • Dredge Myolnon (Alex) — Force-sensitive human.
  • Tark Malin (Robert) — Human who has obligation to make payments to a Hutt organization.
  • Tarkazza (Chris)— Wookie with aims to throw off the despotic crush of the empire and liberate Kashyyyk.
  • Vin Sai (John) — Kaminoan cloner scientist.


  • Bennbus Polag — Arcona and grub restaurant owner in Tanga City on Vor Deo who game mining directions to the Twi’lek rebel agent Lu’Nimah.
  • Captain Rae Sloan — Captain of the Star Destroyer Ultimatum.
  • Count Demetrius Vidian — Cyborg human who is charged to improve efficiency of Vor Deo mining by 50%.
  • Dalin Shoh — Rodian street urchin who works part time for Bennbus Polag and who betrayed the heroes to an unnamed Sullustan allied with the Imperials.
  • Gorse — Sullustan working for Moonglow Polychemical who buys Baradium shipments from heroes.
  • Lu’Nimah — Twi’lek rebel agent from whom the heroes get their missions.

Places & Things

  • Andooweel – Coruscant-style city planet (but 1/3 size of Coruscant). Wealthy center of arts and culture. Rumored to be a pet project of the Emporer, started by Senator Palpatine before he was Emporer, but true intent is unknown.
  • Anlar Conglemerate — Distant refining company who has a near monopoly on Thorilide refining.
  • Baradium — Shortened name of ‘baradium bisulfate’, highly explosive, especially once further processed into Baradium-367. Known by miners by the sardonic nickname “Baby”, and those who haul it are often nicknamed “Baby Carriers”.
  • Moonglow Polychemical — Mining refinery company on Vor Deo.
  • O.R.C. Tyrannus — Name of heroes mining ship.
  • Tanga City — Main mining city of Vor Deo.
  • Thorilide — A substance used in the manufacturing of starships as a shock absorber for turbolaser cannons. Being a prized commodity, the thorilide mining industry was protected by the Republic against corporate raiders during the Clone Wars. Thorilide mining was later expanded during the Empire’s reign, as new sources were required as the long relied upon thorilide rich comets were becoming a rare find. The planet Vor Deo and its moon Thrin are prime locations for mining Thorilide. Thorilide is initially found in crystalline form and is mined using highly explosive baradium bisulfate and later refined to extract the valuable material within after submerging the crystals in xenoboric acid. It was a highly difficult resource to mine, due to it’s tendency to decompose itself into smaller elements.
  • Thrin — Moon of Vor Deo, see Vor Deo for additional details.
  • Ultimatum — Star Destroyer currently orbiting Vor Deo. Commanded by Captain Rae Sloan.
  • Vor Deo — System with planet of same name. Has a side that eternally faces its sun and is unihabitable. The dark side of the planet has about 100,000 inhabitants in it’s chief city, and about 2 million world wide. Thorilide mining which is somewhat going out of favor as Thorilide mining is moved to the nearby moon Thrin.