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Homebrewing a Star Trek Game

I’m working on a homebrew variant of the Where No Man Has Gone Before Star Trek RPG rules. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars on the Star Trek Adventures RPG, but in running this game a few times (as well as Conan, another 2d20 game from Modiphius), I’ve gotten a bit frustrated by the rules. Or, to be more precise, the rules organization. Here is one quote I found on a forum that sums up my frustration pretty well (emphasis below is mine):

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Dicehaven Podcast Naming Convention Proposal

Here is my proposal on podcast naming conventions.

Seasons and Episodes have 2 digit numbers and we abbreviate them for the podcast feed but spell out ‘Season 01 Episode 06’ in blog posts and other contexts.

Each season has ‘Specials’ which are bonus games we play opportunistically at ShinnCons and what-not. These are not tied to the main campaign, but are in the same universe during the approximate same time as the main campaign. We use secondary characters or pregens. We can release as part of the normal season release schedule, or hide behind a Patreon paywall.

The convention is therefore:

<Season #>-<Episode # OR ‘Special’> <Game System><Optional Campaign Name> – <Adventure Name><Adventure Part #>

Over time the podcast feed would look something like this:

S01-E01 STA Vanguard – Signals Part 1
S01-E02 STA Vanguard – Signals Part 2
S01-E03 STA Vanguard – Signals Part 3
S01-E04 STA Vanguard – Signals Part 4
S01-E05 STA Vanguard – The Edge of Eternity Part 1
S01-E06 STA Vanguard – The Edge of Eternity Part 2
S01-E07 STA Vanguard – The Edge of Eternity Part 3
S01-E08 STA Vanguard – The Edge of Eternity Part 4
S01-E09 STA Vanguard – The Edge of Eternity Part 5
S01-E10 STA Vanguard – The Edge of Eternity Part 6
S01 (Special) STA Vanguard – The Orion Syndicate Part 1
S01 (Special) STA Vanguard – The Orion Syndicate Part 2
S01 (Special) STA Vanguard – The Orion Syndicate Part 3
S01-E11 STA Vanguard – A Plague of Arias Part 1
S01-E12 STA Vanguard – A Plague of Arias Part 2
S01-E13 STA Vanguard – A Plague of Arias Part 3
S01-E14 STA Vanguard – A Plague of Arias Part 4

S08-E01 John Carter of Mars – Swords of Mars Part 1
S08-E02 John Carter of Mars – Swords of Mars Part 2

S11-E01 AiME Mirkwood – The Darkening of Mirkwood Part 1
S11-E02 AiME Mirkwood – The Darkening of Mirkwood Part 2

We can discuss in person but thought I’d memorialize this as a blog post.

Vanguard Session 01: Signals (Take 2)

Red Dwarf by Justv23

Red Dwarf by Justv23

Captain’s Log: Stardate 1253.01

“We’ve received a message from the civilian exploration starship Ventura that their long-range shuttlecraft called the Susquehanna has gone missing in the Carina Nebula, deep within the Taurus Reach. The Susquehanna was investigating an unusual alien signal that originated from the nebula on the newly discovered Class M planet Seku VI when all contact was lost. We have been ordered to enter the nebula, find the shuttle, and determine the origin and cause of the alien signal. Starfleet has also advised that Romulan and Tholian ships have been sighted in the region, so we should exercise caution since they may well have detected the alien signal as well.”


  • Lieutenant Bennett (the Human Chief Medical Officer, played by Bailey)
  • Lieutenant Commander Abossas Zharath  (the Andorian Chief Of Security, played by Mason)
  • Commander Cort Ranier  (the Human 1st Officer, played by John)
  • Lieutenant Commander Brev Chasch (the Tellerate Chief Engineer, played by Jeff L.)
  • Ensign Sevek (the Vulcan Science Officer, played by Jeff M.) (Not Appearing in this session) 
  • Captain Gregory Konstans (NPC)
  • Lt. Commader Chen (NPC, Transporter Room Engineer)

Episode Summary

Captain Konstans summons an away team aboard the U.S.S. Darius, a single-nacelle, Saladin class starship patrolling the Taurus Reach. He dispatches a team of 3 to beam down to a Class M planet recently discovered nested in the Carina Nebula. The Darius had traced the ion trail of the lost shuttle Susquehanna to this location. Heavy electrical interference in the atmosphere is making reads on the planet difficult, but a clearing in the perpetual storms allows to take the shuttle Defiant and hazards the storms down to the site of interest. The team first investigates the communicator signals and found the two hapless scientists (Scientist Eloy Pedigrew, and Scientist Henry Watson) dead from a transporter malfunction, partially beamed into the ground.

A tricorder scan of the area indicates three notable areas of interest.

  1. Two kilometers to the North are trace signs of the lost shuttlecraft.
  2. Three kilometers to the Southeast, a trail of smoke (barely visible in the red, dim horizon) snakes up into the sky.
  3. Six kilometers to the Southwest the tricorder picks up a chirping signal consistent with the signature of the alien signal the Ventura was seeking when it dispatched the shuttle the Susquehanna to investigate.

Investigating the crashed shuttle Susquehanna, the away team is  immediately attacked by 2 Romulans. Due to their superior training and tactics, the Starfleet officers manage to stun the Romulans. The Romulans are beamed about the Darius, and the away team then takes to skies to investigate the next site of interest.

The episode ends with the away team’s shuttle being struck by a massive energy surge and the shuttle plummeting down planetside just like the crashed Susquehanna had done previously!

Momentum, Threat, & Advancement

  • 0 Momentum at end of session
  • 1 Threat at end of session



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