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1/7000 Scale Star Trek Miniatures

I’ve previously posted on using 1/3788 miniatures for roleplaying games where you have only 2-3 ships on the board at any given time.

For some sort of mass warfare scenario with lots of ships, I would move over to 1/7000 scale. Some example vendors:

The ships are kind of small, but on the other hand they have built-in bases, are quick to paint, and don’t require the fine details such as the decals you’d be using with 1/3788 miniatures.

Star Trek Franz Joseph Starship Miniatures

I’m not quite ready to get into the world of model ships for Star Trek, but when I do finally pursue that, here are notes on what I’ve learned from my research.

Free STLs

I started my research by looking into STLs that I could print myself. I find the 3D, free fan-made models to be a mixed bag. Most don’t have a slot on which you can mount the ship on a stand, so you’d be doing some tricky drilling to retrofit that into the model. Having a stand-ready model is important enough that I’m willing to pay commercial rates for that.

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Star Trek Organized Play

I recently ran another game of Star Trek using my custom version of the Fate RPG rules. It was great fun! One thing I like about Fate is how easy it is to teach new players. One thing I like about Star Trek is that adventures lend themselves to being very episodic. You can have ‘planet-of-the-week’ adventures and get right into the action by reading a Captain’s Log and having the NPC captain order you down to a planet to solve a problem or investigate an enigma. Having a large starship with three different shifts of the crew means you can have numerous characters on the ship and play the game West Marches style.

So I plan to polish up the setting (the U.S.S. Xerxes, a Saladin Class starship) and my house rules, pregens, and other tools. This will be my go-to one-shot or pickup game going forward, and I’m looking forward to it.

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