Not particularly well-organized just yet, but here are a set of links tracking purchase I have (or may make) at the 15mm scale. — Stan


Painting Schemes



15mm World War II

BG2 15 mm Single Span Bridge

Frontline Gaming FLG Mats: Grasslands 1 3×3′ – FrontlineGamingUS×3.html

Novus Design: Stone Bridge

Old Glory Miniatures Search Database

Old Glory Miniatures Heavy Mortars (1944 – 1945), CDAI-07

Old Glory Miniatures Riflemen (1944 – 1945) Pack #2, CDAI-03

Old Glory Miniatures Heavy Mortars, CDGI-07

Old Glory Miniatures Riflemen, CDGI-03

Flames of War: WW2 – Medium Bases – 5 Holes : Battle Grid Game Mat – 48″ x 72″ – Tabletop Role Playing D&D Map – DnD Wargaming RPG Dust Warfare Dungeons and Dragons Flames of War – Miniature Figure Board Games – 40k Warhammer Gaming Vinyl : Office Products

Flames of War Painted US M-4 Sherman Tank HQ Plt (2 tanks) | eBay

Flames of War US M4A3 (76MM) Sherman Platoon 5 Tanks Painted, and dullcoated | eBay

4X German STUG tanks Platoon Flames Of War PAINTED battlefront ww2 wwii | eBay

Flames of War Painted German Tiger IE heavy tank (x2) | eBay

German Tank Lot x3 – Painted/Detailed – 15mm/Flames of War/BF/GF9 | eBay

German 15mm StuG tanks painted for Flames of war | eBay

German Tiger Tanks Flames Of War Painted Battelfront ww2 wwii miniatures 15mm | eBay

Painted Flames of War – German Panzer IIL HQ Plt (2 tanks with Co)

Flames of War Painted German 88mm PaK 43 Antit Tank Platoon #2 | eBay

Flames Of War Painted German Infantry

15mm WW2 GERMAN INFANTRY PLATOON Well Painted Flames of War Battlefront 40865 | eBay

ebay axis and allies miniatures anti-tank – Google Search…7697.981579.0.981846.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.48.4993.0..0j35i39k1j0i131k1j0i131i46k1j46i131k1j0i20i263k1j0i20i263i264k1j0i22i30k1j33i22i29i30k1j33i21k1j33i160k1.100.lQZ5rGHLRj4

Axis & Allies Miniatures Base Set PAK 38 Antitank Gun #30/48 NEW One 1 A&A | eBay