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The Story:

Every few centuries, hidden cosmic energies align and make possible the origins of super-powered individuals. In ancient Babylon, Greece, and many other cultures, these rare people wielding their unusual powers became the stuff of legends. Many legends and even pantheons arose based on the half-truths about these super-powered people.

In 1800s London, the ley lines foretold by Stone Henge converge to again enable select individuals to gain untold powers. Now, these chosen individuals begin to discover one another.

But not all these powers belong to benevolent souls. In the misty shadows of late-night London walk both heroes and horrors.

Welcome to the world of the Gaslight Heroes!

Campaign Charter:

  • We want: Victorian era iconic characters (Dr. Moreau, Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Ripper / Jack the Ripper (maybe the Ripper is a spirit)), H.G.Wells/Jules Vernes locations (Nautilus, Hollow Earth, etc.), Chaos Gods / Cthulhu, Illuminati, Vlad / Vampire Clans, Free Masons, Templars, Mobsters, Political figures who are stupid, Secret Societies, Super-villains,  Dirigibles, Space (e.g. Jules Verne’s ‘From the Earth to the Moon’), Public Fear of those with powers, High Tech (steampunk / diesel punk),
  • We don’t want: Silly (clownish characters), Permanent Powers (want ability to lose powers when drama demands it), Existing League or Society of superheroes, Singing, Natural disasters (no man-vs.-nature)


Fate Core & Venture City Superhero Rules: I have hard copies but the SRD is online at

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