These are the star systems which we collaboratively designed in our first game session and factor prominently into the campaign:

  • Andooweel – Coruscant-style city planet (but 1/3 size of Coruscant). Wealthy center of arts and culture. Rumored to be a pet project of the Emporer, started by Senator Palpatine before he was Emporer, but true intent is unknown.
  • Cirus – Mexico-style cartels and corruption. Water is a scarce resource and is pumped from ground. Rare metal exports. Gambling, prostitution and gunfights common. Previous leader was assasinated, his only heir an illegitate child with rebel ties which led to civil war and subsequent police state and martial law.
  • Gedi – 5 gas giants with gravity swings. Rebels often retreat to here as a hideout. Light saber crystals can be located here.
  • Goroth – An ice world. Secret haven of limited cloning which is rumored to have replaced some leadership.
  • Kemal StationRingwold-style system.
  • Mika – Asteroid belt system with no planets. There are four terraformed asteroids in this system. It is a hive of bounty hunters and scum. Bambo the Hutt, the major local crime lord, presides over renowned gladiator games in this system.
  • Ooo-temiuk – Young, unstable star, formed not too long ago. Gas cloud and turbulent asteroid belt. Asteroid mining. Important spaceport. Strategic due to location. Constantly fought over.