Heroes of Arnor Characters

Player Characters

  • Aldin — Human Warrior (John)
  • Coronthir — Elvish Scholar (Robert)
  • Beorn — Human Slayer (Alex)
  • Guthorn — Human Warrior (Emory)
  • Éothain — Human Wanderer (Todd)
  • Adrahil — Human Warden Dunedain (Charles)

Non-Player Characters

  • Lord Elasander — Lord and governor of the eastern borderlands from the citadel of Elnost.
  • Morwen — Beautiful, raven-haired lady, second wife of Elasander.
  • Hirgon — Elasander’s red-haired son from his first wife
  • Krelman — Bartendar at The Grey Fox Inn in Dispay, has only one good eye.
  • Zaranda — Local hag in Dispar.
  • King Broggha — Hillmen ruler at the citadel of Cameth Brin, has married a blonde Northman woman.
  • Giles — Squire who attends the heroes.

Deceased Player Characters

  • Valin — Dwarf Wanderer, deceased (Todd)