Pulling from Fate Core, we have three Setting Aspects. They can be invoked for free the first time, and require a Fate Point thereafter to invoke.

Setting Aspect: ‘Stand against the night’

Mainly to be invoked by PCs. Starting a heroic against-all-odds fight versus Dread? Your fellow party member already invoked this aspect, but you can spend a Fate Point to invoke ‘Stand against the night.’

Setting Aspect: ‘Twisted aberration’

Remember the scene in the first Aliens movie when the incubated alien burst out of the guys chest and managed to escape the room full of people? The alien invoked ‘Twisted aberration’, shocked the crew members and got a +2 on it’s Dexterity roll to evade capture.

Setting Aspect: ‘Secrets of the apocalypse’

Deep in the pre-tech temple, you find a strange device. Dread are fast approaching — invoke ‘Secrets of the apocalypse’ to get a bonus on deciphering the device and hopefully using it as a weapon. In another game session, you tap this aspect for free (since you are first to invoke it) and with GM approval establish the fact that there is a panel on the wall which will let you switch on the lights of the still-powered ruins you’re in, flooding the room with light and revealing the creeping mutants which crawl along the ceiling.