The DM's View: 1 Page Dungeon Notes

The DM’s View: 1 Page Dungeon Notes

Quick recap of the ShinnCon V game. Here was the description:

“Shambling Throne of the Death Cult King”

You are about to settle in for a peaceful night at the Drunken Dragon Inn when Chaos strikes. Literally. A local cultist bursts in and demands tribute to the Chaos God, whose death horde swiftly approaches. Rumored to command a legion of undead, the Death King Nulgarbad paves a trail of destruction across the land. Dare you infiltrate the death trap of his shambling throne?

This was truly one of the most memorable games I’ve run. I had several TPK-capable creatures including an undead dragon go after the players. (un?)Fortunately the players were way to cunning for my big bad guys — turns out if you can ally with a 90 foot giant and have him lob half-filled barrels of Holy Water, you can do over 2,000 Hit Points of damage vs. the undead with one shot [yes, we did the math]  🙂

So much XP was had (literally thousands of monsters died in the aftermath) that the players advanced TWO levels and will be level 10 next game!

The Undead Army

The Undead Army