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Gauss Rifle

Traveller: Overcoming Combat Armor Near-Invincibility

I posted over on the Traveller forums regarding how best to deal with Combat Armor. Feedback was that best attack against Combat Armor is to use Gauss rifles or Heavy ACRs with AP ammo. Gauss rifle is already AP5, and with AP ammo that becomes AP9, heavy ACRs are not quite as good but cheaper. […]

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Traveller: Retaking the INS Wolf

On Aug. 4, Mason ran a great game of Traveller, a erstwhile one-shot that will segue into an ongoing ‘B’ campaign he is thinking of running. It was an amazing game! We used 15mm miniatures and a ship map sized to 15mm scale. We also used some transparent templates which proved very useful for blast and […]

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Leviathan Session 04: A Most Dangerous Game

The heroes are given a lead from Hedley Trump to run a high-paying safari trip. The tables are turned as the supposed naive big-game hunters are actually bent on hunting the most dangerous creature of all: the heroes themselves! Waking up after being drugged, the heroes have only a repulser field and a lone dagger […]

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Leviathan Session 03: Hunting the Mega-Rhino

The heroes are tasked with hunting down a mega-rhino creature which doesn’t show on IR sensors. After camp setup and recon, they encountered it during the night. The extensible tail whip took John’s character and smashed him into a tree where the creature then proceeded to head-bash him. That left a headache!

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DIY Vinyl Banners for RPG Battlemats

Folks have been asking me about the battlemat I’m using for my Traveller games, so I thought I’d describe how I created it. Not terribly hard to do so give it a try! I like to do DIY (do-it-yourself) terrain and RPG tools. I’ve got a couple of campaigns coming up that use 15mm miniatures. […]

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15mm Miniatures on my Vinyl Battlemat.

Leviathan Session 01: Spectator Sport

Ran the first game of what promises to be a recurrent ‘background’ campaign that I run intermittently. It’s an adaptation of The Last Parsec’s “Leviathan”, a Savage Worlds setting I’m converting over to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. Game tonight was a blast! Some photo highlights are below. I used 15mm miniatures on a 4×6′ […]

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Rob E. at the referee's seat

The Hordes of Raschev

Our Classic Traveller game last night — with Stan playing for a change! Six players plus Robert Eaglestone as the GM. Rob ran us through the CT double adventure ‘Hordes’. Also beta-testing a custom character sheet with rules summary which I’ll be updating and sharing out in a few weeks. It was awesome fun! Thanks Rob for […]

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