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Traveller: Retaking the INS Wolf

On Aug. 4, Mason ran a great game of Traveller, a erstwhile one-shot that will segue into an ongoing ‘B’ campaign he is thinking of running. It was an amazing game! We used 15mm miniatures and a ship map sized to 15mm scale. We also used some transparent templates which proved very useful for blast and […]

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Leviathan Session 04: A Most Dangerous Game

The heroes are given a lead from Hedley Trump to run a high-paying safari trip. The tables are turned as the supposed naive big-game hunters are actually bent on hunting the most dangerous creature of all: the heroes themselves! Waking up after being drugged, the heroes have only a repulser field and a lone dagger […]

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Leviathan Session 03: Hunting the Mega-Rhino

The heroes are tasked with hunting down a mega-rhino creature which doesn’t show on IR sensors. After camp setup and recon, they encountered it during the night. The extensible tail whip took John’s character and smashed him into a tree where the creature then proceeded to head-bash him. That left a headache!

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DIY Vinyl Banners for RPG Battlemats

Folks have been asking me about the battlemat I’m using for my Traveller games, so I thought I’d describe how I created it. Not terribly hard to do so give it a try! I like to do DIY (do-it-yourself) terrain and RPG tools. I’ve got a couple of campaigns coming up that use 15mm miniatures. […]

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15mm Miniatures on my Vinyl Battlemat.

Leviathan Session 01: Spectator Sport

Ran the first game of what promises to be a recurrent ‘background’ campaign that I run intermittently. It’s an adaptation of The Last Parsec’s “Leviathan”, a Savage Worlds setting I’m converting over to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. Game tonight was a blast! Some photo highlights are below. I used 15mm miniatures on a 4×6′ […]

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Rob E. at the referee's seat

The Hordes of Raschev

Our Classic Traveller game last night — with Stan playing for a change! Six players plus Robert Eaglestone as the GM. Rob ran us through the CT double adventure ‘Hordes’. Also beta-testing a custom character sheet with rules summary which I’ll be updating and sharing out in a few weeks. It was awesome fun! Thanks Rob for […]

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