Introducing the logo for the Cat’s Claw (our ship in our Thursday Traveller campaign)!

I figured the ship would have a Ship’s Registration Code similar to NCC-1701A (Star Trek’s “Enterprise”), so I came up with a naming convention. Here’s how it works.

Ships are given a name. Other ships may have the same name, but the name plus the ship’s registration code makes it unique. The ship’s registration code starts with a three-letter abbreviation similar to an airport code. In this case, the ship was commissioned in the Concordia subsector, which has the code “CNC”. Ships are uniquely identified by the subsector of origin plus the ship’s name plus a unique four digit number. So then the ship’s code in this case is CNC-1054A, where the ‘A’ letter changes if the ship is given a major refit, or if the ship registration upgrades to another vessel.

If we ever do a major refit or upgrade the ship to a new model, it would be CNC-1054B.

Why is the ship named the Cat’s Claw? It was a ship in our previous D&D game, so it’s an homage to that campaign.

Cat's Claw Ship Logo

Cat’s Claw Ship Logo