Been thinking about the ‘stuff I’m itching to run someday’ so thought I’d jot it down. Interesting how things evolve: see my post in 2017, my post in 2016 and my post in 2014 of things I was itching to run in prior years. This year I’m also adding two additional categories: ‘Currently Prepping’ and ‘Other Players’ Campaigns’.

Currently Prepping

These are settings which I’m actively running as one-shots and building out ready-to-run campaigns. Any of these would be candidate campaigns to run after my Redmark campaign concludes.

Sandbox City Campaigns

  • Mage Cops™ (Rarescape) — Wizard constables tackle crimes-of-the-week in NYC.
  • Crimefighters (Rarescape or Icons) — Need to test out the Supers rules before this setting would work.

Star Wars d6Star Wars Campaigns

  • Brak Sector Rebels (WEG d6 1e) — The Brak Sector is a sector of space that serves as a staging area for Imperial Navy missions into the Outer Rim Territories. Rebel forces have made substantial gains in this former mining sector. You play Rebels undertaking missions for the Alliance in this part-Sandbox/part-military-missions campaign.
  • Arkanis Sector Privateers (WEG d6 1e) — You play privateers (pirates) working for the Rebellion to harass and disrupt the Empire.

Other Players’ Campaigns

There are campaigns which other players in my Thursday Night Dice group have said they’d like to run or play at some point.

  • Bailey — Superhero (prefers a crunchy rule system), Star Wars (original rule system preferred), D&D.
  • Jeff L.— 13th age for a short campaign. Anima.
  • Mason — Game of Thrones inspired campaign (currently considering Fantasy Age or a d100 ruleset for this future campaign).

Stan’s Other Backlog

Swords & Sandal / Sword & Planet Campaigns

  • Legends of Lemuria (Rarescape) — Think John Carter of Mars.

a9fae6c1b8ea2a0ca4902edf6cd14820Hard Sci-Fi Campaigns

  • Blood & Steel (Imperium RPG, Traveller, or Rarescape) — After investigating a space anomaly, a group of fighter pilots find themselves on a starhopping quest to save humanity. (Think Battlestar Galactica)
  • Scientorium(Imperium RPG, Traveller, or Rarescape) — Hidden away by sheer distance and forever shrouded from the minds of the curious lies a mammoth artifact from the previous galactic age, the library of Scientorium. Its strange experience chambers offer passage to a million histories on a million worlds, secrets and technologies undreamed of. Now abandoned by all but its automated security systems and enigmatic caretakers, its workings are oddly twisted and jealous, meting out reward and punishment in equal measure. This is a classic science fiction saga, an epic journey across space and time in the vein of Niven or Heinlein!
  • Eris Beta-V(Imperium RPG, Traveller, or Rarescape) — A team of explorers investigates a magnificent ringed gas giant with its numerous moons. Ancient artifacts of enormous power can be found among the rings and asteroids. Every moon is a unique world to be explored. When the system’s valuable commerce is threatened by unscrupulous agencies, the team must root them out and put themselves at great risk on the icy fringes of interstellar space.
  • Eschaton: The Dark Star(Imperium RPG, Traveller, or Rarescape) — Interstellar explorers investigate a mind-boggling megastructure hidden in deep space. (Think Ringworld)

Fantasy Campaigns

  • World of Redmark: Caress of Steel (D&D 5e) New sandbox D&D campaign based on the 80’s Rush albums ‘Caress of Steel’ and ‘Fly By Night’.
  • Middle-earth: Darkening of Mirkwood (Adventures in Middle-earth/5e)  — The Necromancer may have been cast out of Dol Guldur, but a lingering darkness remains over Mirkwood, a shadow that will grow ever longer as the years draw on – unless a band of brave adventurers step forward and hold back the gloom.
  • Middle-earth: 4th Age Quest (Adventures in Middle-earth/5e) – Adventure in Middle-Earth a millennium before the Lord of the Rings. “Know this, people of Gondor: were it not for the selfless souls in Arnor who with flashing blades and spilled life-blood fought against the Witch-King and his foul blight in Angmar, our free lands would not have known peace, and our bright cities would long ago have crumbled into forgotten ruins.”

Mini-Campaigns (~ 3-6 sessions)

  • The Secrets of Cats (Rarescape or Fate) — You play magic cats secretly working to save the world.
  • Firefly: Civil War (Firefly Cortex Plus or Rarescape RPG) — Epic mini-campaign conclusion to a Firefly campaign Todd, Mason and Stan were running a few years back.
  • Reich America: The Shadow Covenant (Rarescape RPG) — Resistance fighters uncover a terrifying secret about the Final Reich.
  • Solomon Kane (1600’s Fantasy/Horror/Monster-Hunters) — (Rarescape RPG) — Cut a righteous path in a world of evil! You have seen the path to redemption, a road paved in the blood and bones of the evil you must defeat to save the world from its unholy taint. Face that which preys on men’s dreams, their fears, and their very souls. Walk The Path of Kane. Your enemies span the globe, reaching out from every shadowy corner of all four continents. Men, magic, and monsters of the darkest hearts and basest desires threaten the very world you tread. Humanity is lost without the will and steel of good folk like you.