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QuestWorlds Rules Summary

I’ve been intrigued by the upcoming QuestWorlds RPG. It will be the third major edition of the rules when it comes out (previously it was Hero Wars and then HeroQuest (not to be confused with the miniatures game of the same name).

It is sort of like Fate or Cortex, a narrative game, but is faster and more streamlined than other similar games.

I’ve created a QuestWorlds rules summary which you can download here or on our downloads page.

You can download the rules-only text for free from or get the very latest version from GitHub.

Old-School RPG Store Shelves Informed Game Design

Who remembers racks and shelves like this back in the day? I miss those days, with lots of 30-50 page products. Last 20+ years we’ve optimized for library-style shelves where you need the 250 page book for the spine to stand out, which has changed how we design games. I miss the simpler days.  🙂

Book Rack Picture from Chris Oz Fulton on Facebook

Historical Roleplaying Games

I  noticed an interesting home-brew game called Traveller: 1700 which appeared in Freelance Traveller (Traveller: 1700 link is at the bottom of this page). The notion of using Traveller rules to roleplay in colonial times got me to thinking about what historical eras I’d be interested to play in, so I pinged my game club gamers to see what historical eras most interested them. Here were their responses. I also jotted down some game systems that might work to play in those eras.

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