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Handy Tools for the Eclipse

Hello! Here is some info. on the Eclipse in case you will find it helpful.

Nasa has a calculator here — — where you can enter your ZIP code to find out the exact time range of totality in your city. For me, this is the timeline:


  • 12:24pm — Eclipse starts. Only look at sun with Eclipse glasses.
  • 1:40:01pm — Look towards the southwest about 90 seconds before totality — darkness in the distance is approaching. I will have my alarm on for this moment.
  • 1:41:31 to 1:45:19pm — About a 4 minute totality. You can now take off your glasses. You can ONLY remove your eclipse glasses during totality. The horizon on all sides will be amber, a so-called ‘360 degree sunrise’.
  • 3:03pm — Eclipse ends.

Other Notes

  • As totality approaches, temps could drop by 10-12 degrees
  • Put the phones away, they won’t be able to capture the event. Suns corona will be faint and can only be capture with overexposure and special equipment.
  • You cell phone will have the best accurate time, and this is a time-sensitive event. I’m going to set up my cell phone to alarm at the beginning of totality so I can know when I can take off my glasses, and another alarm when totality ends so I can make sure to know I should go back to wearing Eclipse glasses.
  • Shadow Bands are noticeable about 90 second before to 90 seconds after totality. If you put a white piece of cardboard or paper on the ground it will help you see it.

QuestWorlds Rules Summary

I’ve been intrigued by the upcoming QuestWorlds RPG. It will be the third major edition of the rules when it comes out (previously it was Hero Wars and then HeroQuest (not to be confused with the miniatures game of the same name).

It is sort of like Fate or Cortex, a narrative game, but is faster and more streamlined than other similar games.

I’ve created a QuestWorlds rules summary which you can download here or on our downloads page.

You can download the rules-only text for free from or get the very latest version from GitHub.

Old-School RPG Store Shelves Informed Game Design

Who remembers racks and shelves like this back in the day? I miss those days, with lots of 30-50 page products. Last 20+ years we’ve optimized for library-style shelves where you need the 250 page book for the spine to stand out, which has changed how we design games. I miss the simpler days.  🙂

Book Rack Picture from Chris Oz Fulton on Facebook

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