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Top Stuff I Want To Run Someday (2017 Edition)

Been thinking about the ‘stuff I’m itching to run someday’ so thought I’d jot it down. Interesting how things evolve: see my post in 2016 and my post in 2014 of things I was itching to run in prior years. Star Wars Campaigns Rebel Military (WEG d6 or Rarescape RPG) — You are Alliance military during the era of Rebellion. Rebel Privateers […]

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Redmark Session 06: Always Look Under The Bed

February 1, Third Age 1331 Part I: Rumors Marcus returns from his day with the brothers at the Temple of the Lots just as the sun rose on this day.  He reported back that they had very little interest in discussing the relationship between their Lady Goddess and Fortuna, although the correlation is clear to […]

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Redmark Session 05: The Wizard Who Went Splat

January 30, Third Age 1331 Hashar the Bugbear may be a black-hearted minion of evil, but he’s good to have on your team when you need a magically locked door busted open or an enemy’s body desecrated. More on that later. Part I: Rumors Lundie and Ghost Dancer returned to basecamp from their errands, and […]

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Redmark Session 04: Reverse Ambush

January 29, Third Age 1331 — Midday (Quick recap of the Feb. 23 game) Stealing up on the castle at Bone Hill, the heroes found themselves ambushed, much in the way they had ambushed the Bugbear patrols the day before. Due to some great alertness, the heroes were not caught flatfooted, and prevailed over their […]

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Star Wars WEG d6 1e

Future Campaign Idea: Star Wars Organized Play

Wanted to jot down my thoughts about a potential future shared RPG campaign technique using the Star Wars setting. Helping some folks on the d6 community form an Organized Play group (since I used to manage the D&D regional organized play) so these thoughts are in my mind. In a nutshell, we’d have episodic games […]

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One One Eight Two Five

11825, the Eleventh designation from the 825 batch, a distinguished batch of clockwork Mymidions, was a proud construct. Manufactured 1270 years earlier, 11825 had served both the Dragon Overlords and the nascent Gothic Imperial Court. He served with distinction, fighting and destroying many of the rebellious lizardmen. He aided the Gothic Imperial Court in their […]

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