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Caribdus Epilogue

Caribdus Epilogue


Caribdus will forever be changed by the actions of three young women. Their obsession with Blood Magic flooded an entire world nearly wiping out its population and threatened another: Earth.

The Crew that fought and died to stop them will go down in history as heroes.

The Maiden of the Mists, Mara, knew help would come from Earth and in her ethereal state did the best she could by pulling humans into Caribdus. In the final few months before the Hags defeat, the Maiden was forced to act more directly in order to aid the Crew. This caused the Hags to discover her and her portal. Their lust for power turned to planet Earth, but fortunately they were stopped.

Before her passing on, Mara connected with the Elemental Spirits and asked their help in restoring Caribdus. Water was not willing to relinquish control fully, but did allow Earth to expand itself. Thus balance was restored and the Elements were once again free and at peace.

Dry land rose up all over the flooded world. Where Ograpog once stood, some of its waterlogged cities were risen up. Now a group of large islands stand in its place and green growth has started to rapidly take root. Where the Doreen homeland once stood a new archipelago has risen. All across what was once the Flotsam Sea there is now an opportunity for expansion and life.

The Atani, in a desperate attempt to aid the Crew and end the Hags, devised a clever use of the Elder Trees power to create a flying ship. Some say it was the spirit of Crow that encouraged its use and design, for it was the intelligence of the Elder Tree itself that first suggested it to the Atani people. However, not willing to risk the newly born Elder Tree any more than required, the Atani quickly landed their ship on the newly formed Ograpog archipelago and founded a new Grove. The trees are slow growing but have a firm grip on the earth now and a new Atani settlement is already prospering.

The Doreen, aided by the efforts of Daxson and Gop, claimed the new hunting grounds as their own. Using their prestige and gold, they were able to gather most of the remaining Doreen together to begin rebuilding their civilization. An unexpected ally was found in the Grael who surprisingly decided to join in partnership and stake a small claim in southern Caribdus.

The Kieran empire is an ever present threat, yet after their takeover of New Madrid a more formal negotiation between themselves and the East India Trading Company was established. Duckworth forced his hand and the new Ograpogian land is considered neutral. Neither party is able to stake a direct claim, it’s a land free to all people who wish to settle there. Most know that the Kieran empire they will not let this stand for long, but currently they are stretched too thin trying to cover their home waters and now New Madrid.

Baltimus is still the ever present hub of commerce. Edward Lazenby had a keen mind  to capitalized on the Crew success and is financing expeditions and settlements for the new land. The city is also known for being a unify presence in the region against outlaws and pirates. The Crew set the example of cooperation between cultures and cities, proving ultimately it could accomplish what large fleets could not. The standard is being used to draft a new treaty between the Free Towns.

Father Rodrigo’s work has been put to good use. The construction of a new cathedral is under way and Marium Rodrigo (his Abuela) is busying herself feeding the poor and helping those who need it find opportunity in the new land. A flood of Catholic refugees are finding their way to Baltimus and Rodrigo has his work cut out for him. Torquemada’s name has been appearing on whispered lips recently, but it is not know what is plans are or if he is even a threat still. After the destruction of the Hags by the hands of a Catholic Mage however, many left the Inquisition and joined the Jesuit order.

The Kraken Empire is learning to get by without magic with the help of Kaliferous. Research is ongoing to find the reproduction problems of the Scurillians and so far has been positive. A definite link between the seeping of elemental magic and reproduction has been found and that has most likely affected both races. Bracus and Equias have proved to be very valuable test subjects. Admiral Caspian is working to unify the Kraken again and rebuild their homeland. Now that the Sphere has been recovered,utilized and the Hag threat eliminated his people can now focus on long term settlement and research. The Kraken have found a good friend in the Doreen people and mutual cooperation is helping both races expand.

Jomba Town prospers and now holds a new patron, Mordecai, in high honor. His fight against both slavery and the beings of darkness has become legend. The Kaumatua (Eti’s Maori freedom fighters) have dedicated themselves to fighting slavery and the unique threats brought over from Earth- vampires, ghouls and other darker beings. They would follow the tradition of both Mordecai and Solomon Kane and purge the world of lingering darkness. On a lighter note: Captain Liam’s Superior Scotch has become a major export for the town and is proving popular across the sea.

As a tribute to the Crew and their courage a large statue has been erected in Jomba Town.

It depicts a man with a smooth round head and face so it favors no race.  He is wearing an early U.S. naval coat (Liam), a dagger in one hand(Daxson), strapped to his side a hooked blade which resembles part of a crab claws (Brachus), elemental depiction of wind and water swirling around it(Mordecai and Father Rodrigo), wings arched high on his back(Crow), and being crushed under its foot is an amorphic shape representing evil. In it’s free hand thrust high in the air is a functional lantern that kept blazing. This lantern represents hope for the hopeless, freedom for the enslaved, peace for the embattled, and stands as a reminder that just as it always burns so shall Jomba remain free of tyranny.  On a brass plaque there is written:

“In memory of those few who cared enough to dare to bring hope to the countless.  May your names be forever on our hearts.  Brachus, Crow, Daxson, Liam, Mordecai, Rodrigo”


Caribdus is changed and new adventures and challenges are over the horizon!



I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;

And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,

And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide

Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;

And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,

And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,

To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;

And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,

And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.


GM note:

This concludes 50 Fathoms campaign with the Dice Haven group which has run over two years and 35 sessions. When I picked up 50 Fathoms at my local gaming store I never would have imagined where it would take me.

I want to thank my entire group for their excellent roleplaying and years of fun, it’s been a pleasure creating this story with you. Your superior roleplaying and initiative helped shape a very fun world.  Also, thank you to Shane Hensley for the most excellent setting and plot point campaign.

I am sad to see the story end, but glad to see it ended mostly well for the Crew. There are some loose plot threads left hanging (I think any sandbox campaign would have a few) and Caribdus is forever changed. There are many more stories to tell in this new world, perhaps someday they will be told?


-Jeff Messina



Daxson’s Thoughts – Epilogue

Daxson’s Thoughts – Epilogue

“You are here… I… wanted you to stay.”

“You didn’t really think I would did you?”

“I just wanted you safe. We all could have died. The hags… they sent entire crews to their graves…”

“I came for you.”

“I do not know what would have happened if you had not.”


Much else from that day is a blur. I remember little from what the Maiden told us of her sisters and their evil. They were gone and the fighting was finished. All that mattered to me was this woman who held me in her arms and took me home.

The quiet and stillness that fell over the sea when the final hag had fallen was almost more deafening than the storm before it.  Rescue and repair operations were underway but the fighting had ceased. Even with all the activity, a hush had fallen over our men as they stood in the wake of devastation caused by the would-be destroyers of this world.

We returned to Azy Cay but stayed only for a short while. The number of power struggles and political machinations that cropped up in the wake of the Hags defeat were too many to count. Many leaders sought the favor or influence from our crew to aid in their schemes but that sort of life had no interest for me. All of the crew had interests and pursuits that took us in different directions. With so many seeking out our ship with all kinds of intentions, we decided it was best to hide the Liberator’s Wrath for another time. We selected the ruin of Tressa the Red’s tower as the best spot. It is out of the way, secluded, and Father Rod and Kaliferous were able to reconstruct many of the protections that would ward off any pillagers. We left Carnifex there to watch over the ship and mourn his lost master in his own way.

It seemed that money would be of no concern for us going forward. The crew was showered with gifts and favor in Baltimus, Jomba Town, Caresia, and even Brigandy Bay. Not since our earliest days as a crew had we been driven by a need or want for riches, but it was more than deserved that the men who crewed the Wrath be rewarded for their dependable bravery far above what I could ever have given them. Of the relics left in our possession, Father Rodrigo was entrusted with King Amemnus’ sword and Kaliferous kept Edward Lowe’s staff to aid in his studies of the Kraken history with the Elementals. It was decided that we should split up the three golden triangles of Rufus Redbeard. Likely he is still out there roaming Caribdus in search of them, and it seemed far too dangerous to keep them together. We each took one for safe keeping when we went our separate ways.

Annie and I reunited with Gop in Baltimus and made our way to the new hunting grounds that had been created by the Elementals. Throughout the years Gop had amassed an extensive network of contacts both Doreen and other that had allowed to do a modest business. Those same contacts along with my reputation (deserved or not) as captain of the Liberator’s Wrath proved to be invaluable as we worked to restore the Doreen homelands and re-establish our culture as a people. It was not until my family was forced to flee our village when I was a child that I had ever had an interaction with a member from another race of Caribdan much less a human from Earth. The Doreen were a subdued and much secluded people. This time around our homeland looks to be a much more open and accepting place to all races (except the Kehana). Annie and I knew that we would never have children of our own but saw the people that had come there to make new homes and new lives as our own family much like my parents watched over my childhood village.

Through what blessing I do not know, whether it was the Elementals or the reproductive research that Kal has been conducting, we have been blessed beyond measure. There could be no other name for our first son than Liam. I miss my friend greatly. The memory of his sacrifice for this world lives on in that boy, who I have no doubt will grow into a great leader of men. We named our second son Cai. He is a quiet boy but there is much depth to his soul. He is the best little brother anyone could ever wish for. And finally we were blessed with a daughter to which I was completely unprepared for. The fairest skinned Doreen anyone shall ever see with brightest shock of long red curls like her mother. There is no end to the trouble that little Crowlyn gets into but she has brought our family unending joy.

As they grew I would often think of my parents and it saddened me that my children would never know them. I worked hard to instill in them the lessons and stories of the Doreen that had been passed down to me. Much of my own life I considered to be a lesson in what not to do and shared sparingly as I do not consider myself much of a storyteller. Fortunately my children had an Abuela and a Father Rodrigo, whom they visited often, to fill their heads with fantastic tales of adventure and, more often, misadventure. Of course any story involving their namesakes were always a favorite, though I’m not sure who loved them more, the children or me. Sometimes those were the stories I would rather my children not hear, instead of getting every last detail from Father Rod. In truth I missed my lost companions greatly, thought of them often, and wished they could have seen the world they helped secure.

I have never been much for acquiring possessions but among my greatest treasures were three reminders of my fallen friends. A bottle of scotch gifted to me by a captain in Brigandy Bay who was proud, just as I was, to say that he had once sailed with the great Liam McCormick. Annie and I had shared a few drinks from that bottle in his memory but I had kept a close eye on the level since as I knew that liquid led to many a misadventure. The spyglass that Crow had used everyday in the nest on the Wrath. Every time I see it I think about the next mess of trouble that kid was spotting through it, but if he hadn’t started that bar fight in Brig, I never would have met Annie. She doesn’t let me forget that, and neither do the children. And lastly a big, black, wide-brimmed hat. The strangest hat I ever saw worn by the strangest man I ever met… and one of the best. Every time I sail, every time I have a drink with friends, every time I need a buddy watching my back, I miss that man. The hat gets worn a lot around our home. When the children were younger, more than a few scuffles broke out over who got to wear Mordecai’s hat.


My children knew there was only one rule regarding the relics leftover from my time with the crew of the Liberator’s Wrath. Do not ever, ever, ever touch the golden triangle.

Not ever.


And so one day that is exactly what they did…

50 Fathoms: Session 35- Battle of Devil’s Cross- Final Session

Battle of Devil’s Cross



  • Kaliferous: Kraken mage
  • Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth
  • Mordecai (in spirit): Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native

Date: 6/17/17

XP: 5


The Crew spent time mourning the loss of the friend Mordecai, gathering support, talking to their allies and finally meeting up with Admiral Duckworth and the Kraken Great ship.

They met up with Duckworth who pledged his support and then called for Admiral Caspian with the bone whistle. The Great Ship arrived and was still towing the Sphere, to which was handed over to the Crew.

Kal and Rodrigo placed their hands on the Sphere and found themselves transported inside the hollow object. Here they faced the four elemental Spirits: water, earth, fire and air. They discovered that the Kraken had imprisoned them long ago to harness elemental magic. The elements would lend their power against the Hag’s but with two conditions: 1) No more mages nor new magical abilities given 2) the doorway between Caribdus and Earth would be sealed. Both of our heros agreed to the  bargain, but Rodrigo did so with a heavy heart. His one true goal was to see his Abula again.

Finally ready to face the Hags the Crew set sail with the following allies and their ships:

  • Captain Daxon- Liberators Wrath and Crew
  • Captain Azy Angsley- Lady’s Virtue (Brigantine),
  • Admiral Duckworth- HMS Justice (Man of War)
    • Two frigate escort ships
  • Admiral Caspian- Kraken Great Ship
    • Two Kraken Cutters escorts


The proud fleet sailed directly towards Devil’s Cross, with Daxson leading they skillfully and carefully picked their way across the treacherous Flotsam Sea. Along the way they found a frigate, the Donna Briann, being pulled into a massive Whirlpool. They saved the ship by towing it out of the whirlpool. Grateful, Captain McCoy then pledged his ship to help them fight the Hags.

Reaching the outer border of the Devil’s Cross, the Fleet had to face a powerful ring of massive protective storm. This storm didn’t move outward, but had the force of a hurricane as it swirled around the Devil’s Cross constantly. The Fleet spent hours fighting the storm trying to sail true and managed to burst through the storm wall and into its eye, Devil’s Cross itself. Many ships were damaged on the trip and two smaller escort vessels lost at sea, but they finally made it! The first difficult task was now complete.

Surprisingly the waters were calm and peaceful and they sailed undisturbed into the middle of the ‘Cross. Steeling themselves, they spoke the Hags name out loud: Maka, Mala, and Mana and poured the Earth water in the sea. Suddenly, the illusion of peacefulness was broken, below the waves it revealed a rotten waterlogged Ograpog with massive hordes of Octopons and zombies. The weather turned foul as the three Hags burst out of the water 60’ above the waves. These horrible undead creatures loomed over the ships and began to laugh and cheer with glee. They knew of the Crew and mocked at their seemingly  foolish attempt to stop them. With the illusion removed, the Crew spotted a portal hovering in the air, Earth seen clearly on the other side and huge volumes of water were pouring through the rift. At the middle a tortured Maiden was magically bound to it and screaming for help.

The battle was now underway! The Hags called forth lightning and attacked the Fleet. The Crew quickly activated the Kraken Sphere but for some time nothing happened. Luckily they still had the Water Dragon orb which they used to summon forth a fully grown 40’ Sea Dragon. This Dragon seemed be driven with a keen intelligence and the Crew sensed the soul of their friend Mordecai as the beast brutally attacked the Hags. Finally seeing something as a threat the Hags attention was diverted from the ships and to dealing with the new Dragon threat.

Meanwhile, Kal noticed the Sword of King Amemnus was being pulled and pulsing downwards to the sea bottom. Heading the suggestion, both Kal and Daxon leaped in the water facing hordes of Octopons, Sharks and Giant Octopus as they let the Sword draw them ever downwards. They fought their way down while hordes of creatures surged towards the surface the duo did their best to gut and maim their enemies along the way. Daxon’s keen eye spotted a massive Octopus making its way towards the Liberators Wrath and he skillfully gutted the beast and saving the ship from a massive attack.

On the surface the battle raged on. Father Rodrigo fended off Octopon borders all the while focusing his magical attacks on the Hags. The combined might of Rodrigo and the Dragon brought the first Hag, Mala, down with an explosion of putrid flesh and bones. However things looked grim as the full might of the Octopon reinforcements made their way to the surface. Every ship of the Fleet was overwhelmed with the sheer number of vile creatures.

However an unexpected ally arrived, the Kaumatua Warriors from Jomba Town arrived with their Maori Grual leader Eti in the lead! Unknown to Daxon, his love Annie Mason quickly repaired her ship, met up with the Warriors and agreed to tow them through the storm. These warriors surged towards overwhelmed ships and lent their marital aid. They rowed their long boats screaming their Haka war chant as they leapt into battle.

Beneath the surface Kal and Daxon found themselves in what had been the palace square  and spotted at a beautiful golden statue depicting a Masaquani, Kehana, Kraken, Atani, Grael, and Doreen together in sign of peace.  The hand of the masaquani looked like it was missing a sword, to which Kal quickly placed the Sword of King Amemnus. The Sword burst forth with a white light that speared through the water and struck the Hags, dissipating their sickly green magical armor. The Sword now pulsed with a white magical light and seemed to yearn to be taken into Battle! The duo now made their way to the surface.

With two Hags still alive and causing havoc the Fleet was struggling to combine their fire and deal with the undead and Octopon borders. Father Rod and the Dragon turned their attention to the closest Hag, but another ally joined the battle. An Atani airship flew into the Cross using some sort of magical energy drawn from Crows Elder tree! The flying ship blasted one of the Hags causing it to stumble back. At the same moment a torrent of air, water, fire and earth shot up. The Kraken Sphere had finally activated! The four elements formed into a massive ‘Terrormental’ which completely obliterated the 2nd Hag- Mana  .

Enraged by the loss of her two sister, Maka Mallus, the final Hag, screamed and ripped the wings off of the Dragon and crushing it beneath her feet. Rodrigo struck out at the Hag causing her to weaken. At this moment Kaliferous and Daxon emerged from the water with the empowered Sword. Kal deftly stuck at Maka dealing the final blow and ending the Hag menace forever.

With the death of their masters the Octopons dissolved into a black ooze revealing the tortured body of  trapped Masaquani. The weather cleared and the water lost its sickly hue.

The portal to Earth and its torrent of water slowly closes as the Maiden was freed, but a small vessel slipped through the crack at the last moment.

The Maiden came forward and thanked the Crew, telling them that Hags were using her Portal to Earth to flood Caribdus and were recently using her to try and find a way to Earth itself. The Maiden then made a deal with the Elementals to bring land to this sunken world in an attempt to bring balance back to Caribdus. She faded away thanking the Crew for their hardship and effort.

Not only did the Crew save Caribdus but they also kept the Hags from harming another world as well.

While the Crew celebrated their hard won victory, Father Rodrigo peered into the vessel that had slipped into this world at the last moment. He found his lovely Abuela sitting on the deck smiling at him.

With both worlds saved and the land changing beneath them what further adventures will the Crew find for themselves?

Tis a bitter sweet ending to the tale. Many friends were lost- Liam, Crow and Mordecai. They died protecting the world and the future.

In the end, when the Hags fell the ever present storm cleared and the sun shown down on the Flotsam Sea for the first time in thirteen years, hope rises again.


50 Fathoms: Session 34- A Great Price to Pay

A Great Price to Pay


  • Kaliferous: Kraken mage
  • Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth
  • Mordecai: Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native

Date: 4/8/17

XP: 5


The Crew approached Blackbeard’s ship unmolested and as they pulled alongside the massive blackened Man of War they spotted a tall imposing figure standing on the Destroyers railing looking down at them with a smirk, Blackbeard himself.

The Crew requested parley and to discuss a trade to which Blackbeard invited them aboard laughing. As they climbed up they noticed that the ships wood was rotten and infested with insects. They also spotted strange caldrons with bubbling red liquid inside.

On the deck they found themselves face to face with a Legend. Tall, broad with a wild beard and on his hip a gleaming sword. Rodrigo took point and attempted to persuade and trade the Sword of King Amemnus for Mordecai’s powerful Staff of Wane. He attempted to convince Blackbeard that the Staff can tell the future and was a great prize. Unfortunately the ruse failed and Blackbeard simply said “Fine, why trade the Sword when I can just take the Staff myself and kill you?” Fighting then broke out.

While Kal and Rodrigo blasted crew members, Mordecai struggled with Blackbeard in an attempt to lift him off the ship. During the confusion, stealthy Daxon skillfully plucked the sword from Blackbeards belt and jumped overboard. The mages managed to call down destruction and death and distracting the crew successfully for a time. For a long while the Crew bravely fought and held back the hordes of minions and Blackbeard himself. Several solid shots were aimed at Blackbeard who laughed and shrugged them off with not even a scratch, in fact it seems his wounds healed instantly.

However just as the sun set and the moon shone down through the clouds, the Crew saw what Blackbeard and his mates really were- undead monsters. Their illusions of humanity faded and leering zombies remained. Laughing at the confused look on Mordecai’s face Blackbeard himself drove his cutlass into our friends belly greatly wounding him. Blackbeard’s crew and officers gained the momentum and surrounded Kal and Rodrigo forcing them back and away from their wounded friend Mordecai. To make matters worse the Destroyer began pumping the horrible red liquid, Hag’s Breath, onto the deck of the Liberators Wrath brutally dissolving and killing their sailors left behind. Things were dark, but hope rose as well because at this point the Crew realized that Daxson was missing overboard with the Sword!

Blackbeard no longer had the Sword, yet they could not retreat without Mordecai who was unconscious and surrounded by a horde of Blackbeard’s minions. Suddenly a howl rose in the night and a twisted version of Alain, now a fully born vampire lept onto the Destroyer’s deck. He looked at carnage and said in a snarling voice “Go! Save your friend and leave, I will redeem myself and my save Caribdus” Vampire Alain jumped on Blackbeard and began trying to rip him apart. This provided just enough of a gap for the Crew to snatch Mordecai and leap onto their ship.

Luck was not fully on their side, because as they attempted to sail away,  a full blast of Hag’s Breath landed on the Crew wounding some but proving too much for Mordecai. In his weakened state, the acidic Hag’s Breath proved too much for the ever stalwart Mordecai and losing his grip on the world he perished.

Not able to mourn the loss of their friend, the Crew rapidly set sail to flee the Destroyer. As they pulled away Blackbeard gave chase and tossed the head of poor Alain at them, proving that he was even stronger than a Vampire. Over the course of hours the Crew tried to outsail the Destroyer and with some timely fog from the Maiden and excellent piloting by Daxon they managed to elude him in the night!

Just as they were out of that danger, another presented itself. Their friend Mordecai rose into a gristly undead abomination and because attacking the Crew. Being a powerful mage and skilled fighter in life made him an even more powerful thrall for Blackbeard. He quickly summoned a great storm and nearly caused the ship to capsize while his undead version fought and tried to kill his friends. Fortunately, the Crew was successful and managed to dispatch the abomination and put their friend finally at peace. Daxon was able to steer the ship out of the storm, but just barely intact.

The day was won and prize obtained, but at a great price. The Crew is now short two friends and the hardest battle yet is facing them. Do they have the will to succeed? Onward to take down the Hags!

Kaliferous Log:


There is a chance that this will be my last written report.  We have obtained the final piece necessary to defeat the hags, King Amemnus’ Sword.  As I write this, we make way to face the evil which has proven so resilient.  I expect our captain will be using the whistle you gave him soon and we will be united reunited.  I am looking forward to seeing my people again.  Even in what may be my final hours.
Given the events we face, I feel it appropriate to make a personal confession.  Since our our costly attempt to stop the hags, my days and my heart have been filled with a darkness.  One I believe you saw in me when you sent me out.  My soul was so filled with hate and rage there was room for nothing else.  Things have changed.  I have changed.  In the beginning, I was skeptical of my new crew.  They were mostly outsiders.  Not truly connected to our world or it’s troubles.  As I watched them, listened to them, sailed with them, fought with them, and dined with them I was reminded of a former life.  A former me.  They share a bond with each other I had all but forgotten possible after seeing my crew killed during that fatal battle with the hags.  Their concern for our world is genuine.  Born out of hope and love.  These can be seen in how they persevere and endure through great trails.  How they mourn deeply over the loss of even a single crew member.  How each hardship makes them more determined and more connected than before.  They have changed me.  Or maybe reminded me of who I once was.
Now this crew stands at the precipice of Carbdus’ salvation and I stand as one of them.  As a new man who has rediscovered hope.
There is much more to report.  I will do so when we meet.
Kaliferous, Archmage of the Kraken Fleet

50 Fathoms: Session 33- The Shiani and Hunting Blackbeard

The Shiani and Hunting Blackbeard



  • Kaliferous: Kraken mage
  • Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth
  • Mordecai: Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Tomas De Orinjo Human Fire Mage from Earth
  • Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native


Date: 3/18/17

XP: 2


Still grieving the loss of their friend, the Crew decided to bring Crow’s body to Maroa and allow the Atani to perform an appropriate funeral. Not only were their spirits weakened, everyone needed some downtime.

They arrived at Maroa and were let into the beautiful tree city without any delay. Their effort in saving the Elder Tree was not forgotten. However the the Atani people were dismayed to find their Shiani and hero deceased. Elderwind song was stricken but quickly prepared to perform Crows last task: The Melding with the Heartwood.

Windsong brought the Crew, Crows body, and the leaders of the city deep within the heart of the Great Tree and inside the cavern that held the Heartwood. Inside, the Crew was amazed to see it fully healed and radiating with power. Where these was once corruption, was healthy wood now  pulsing with beautiful green light.

The Heartwood rapidly grew a pedestal and Crows body was placed on its surface. Windson then lead the ceremony and spoke for Crow, of his life and bravery. The Crew then followed- regaling his heroism, quirks and stories of their adventures with him.

The seedpod Crow carried with him, now pulsed with Crows Shiani energy and had, since his death, sprouted into a seedling. Elder Windsong took a beautifully carved wooden dagger and cut into Crows body to expose his heart. He then placed the seedling and pod into the wound and stepped back.

Suddenly, enormous amounts of energy pulsed from the Elder Tree and flowed into Crows body. The seedling rapidly grew and within moments was a fully grown young Carroway tree. Crows body was lost in the tangle of roots as the tree rapidly grew. The entire Grove seemed to be both saddened and energized when their new friend joined them. A new Elder Tree was now growing and would soon join the interconnected network to make a new forest one day.

After several days the Crew decided it was time to find Blackbeard and end this part of their adventure. However before they left and old friend Tomas De Orinjo had finally caught up with them and asked to be part of the Crew. He was welcomed aboard and the Crew sailed south to find Blackbeard.

Rumons said Blackbeard was west of Perck and the Crew whether by luck or divine guidance managed to find Blackbeard’s ship, The Destroyer, without any delay. Sailing straight for the giant vessel the flag of parley flying high, they hoped for the best.

What will Blackbeard do? Will he shoot him on sight? Find out next time!


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