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Redmark Session 42: We Found Where the Janitor Kept His Keys

Redmark Date: Third Age – April 20, 1331

Marcus catches a Wave

As the loot from the crab filled room is passed around.  Marcus is handed the trident.  It is a sentient weapon that is called Wave.  Marcus ponders changing his religion.

Ghost Dancer casts Leomund’s Tiny Hut for the group to rest in.  Something must go wrong with the casting this time as inside the hut it is usually warm and humid.  Ivamel does not get a good nights rest.

Redmark Date: Third Age—April 21, 1331

A puzzle and golden orbs

The party heads back towards the entrance to the dungeon.  Marcus spends some time discussing various points of interest with the sphinx near the entrance.  Nothing much comes from this, other than time is wasted.  Marcus casts water walking on the group and they continue down the hallway to the east.  This time easily bypassing the acid on the floor that stopped them before.  Ivamel notices it appears to be some sort of slime.

Coming to a split in the hallway, the group finds a room filled with Flesh Golems.  The Flesh Golems are numbered 5, 7, 9, 11, & 13.  The Flesh Golem numbered 5 says, “The one not like the others will serve you.”  Quintos quickly blurts out “Nine, it’s not prime!”.  Number 5 looks downtrodden (or is it Stan) by the quick answer.  Now, #9 is a servant of Quintos.

Down another hallway, the group finds a room filled with 9 silvered glass globes.  One by one the group breaks each globe.  In an effort to determine what to do, Marcus prays to … well no one is quite sure at this point … but it was some god.  Finding several items inside the globes (see Loot Report). 

Loot Report

  • Nine keys – from inside the globes
  • First globe =  600 GP worth of gems
  • Second globe = Potion of Flying
  • Third globe = Empty (except the grey ooze and a key)
  • Fourth globe = scroll of hold person
  • Fifth globe =magical silver ring that Ivamel quickly placed on his finger
  • Sixth globe = 600 GP
  • Seventh globe = grey nuggets (any value) & 3 shadows
  • Eighth globe = scroll of fear
  • Ninth globe = 12,000 GP & and a Air Elemental

Redmark Session

Redmark Session


Redmark Campaign Midpoint Updates

Last week we finished session 42. At the beginning of session 45 you’ll be 10th Level! I’m committed to getting you to level 20, and we’re half way there. Since this is roughly the half-way mark of the campaign, I’d like to suggest the following changes in focus, some new add-on rules, and a new way of leveling. We will discuss this week and firm up how the second half of the campaign will work.

New Focus

Levels 1-10 had a big focus on ‘can I live through these adventures?’ and ‘can I acquire wealth, magic, and knowledge?’. At this point you’re all rich and hard to kill. Although there will be a continued chance of death, as we slide into the end game of levels 11-20, I think the focus will shift to ‘can I effect the people and places I want to impact?’ and ‘can I accomplish my goals to shape the world?’

Kingdom Building

Matt Colville’s ‘Strongholds & Streaming’ book won’t be out in hard copy till February of next year (possibly later if there are more delays). Only one player mentioned kingdom-building / stronghold rules as part of they want to do. I’m inclined to allow holdings to be a more narrative aspect of our game and not get into rules (although we could adapt the Adventures in Middle-earth rules for holdings in the Mirkwood Campaign if we did want formal rules). Next time we do a D&D campaign with a strongholds focus we can start with the strongholds rules at the beginning and then craft the campaign structures around those goals (which probably has you staying local with less globe-trotting and plane-hopping).

World of Redmark MapMass Battles

I do foresee mass battles with 1,000’s of combatants being part of the future in our story, so look for rules on this to come. I’m thinking it’s something similar to my Traveller ship combat rules where characters have an abstracted impact on a game run with miniatures (or tokens), with the option to ‘zoom in’ and do character combat for an additional effect on the overall battle. Stay tuned for rules on this front!

Legacy Leveling

Finally, with all the above in mind, I suggest that once we hit Level 10 we shift to what I’ll call ‘Legacy Leveling’. This is inspired by Adventures in Middle-earth and would work like this:

  • 3 sessions per level (but you advance during next Fellowship Phase): Starting at level 10, you earn the right to level up, but you don’t actually level up until you have your next Fellowship Phase (as declared by the GM). So if you started a dungeon the first session at Level 10 (session #45), and three games later (session #48) you’res still in the dungeon, you’d still be level 10, but with a pending advancement at the next Fellowship Phase. Then at session #50 you take a Fellowship Phase and finally level up. At session #51 you’d have earned another level, and if you took another Fellowship Phase after that session you’d level up again.
  • Narrative Fellowship Phase events: During each Fellowship Phase we’d narrative declare (after some discussion and GM consent) events that took place during the months of the Fellowship Phase. You’ll also hear about news of events in the world that the GM introduces.
  • Random events and loot in the Fellowship Phase: We wouldn’t use mechanics to govern the Fellowship Phase, with one exception. The GM will roll for some random events and magic items from some tables the GM will develop. You’ll get some magic items and have a brief story to tell of adventures that took place off-camera during the Fellowship Phase. If need be, we’ll roll play out a scene and adjudicate results (if for example, you get another ‘bag of holding’ that tries to devour its bearer!).

With this Legacy Leveling structure, at session 75 you’ll be at 20th Level. That puts our campaign coming to an end around the end of 2019, having run a total of about 3 calendar years of gaming.


Redmark Session 41: Steamed Crab

Redmark Date: Third Age – April 20, 1331

The doorway exiting the room with the seaweed monstrosities led our heroes to a hallway that contained two paths – one that would lead to what will be forever known as the Spinning Prophylactic of Doom and another leading to an innocuous doorway. Fearless, the party choose the spinning cylinder and struck forth. Once Ivamel stumbled his way across this slippery, spinning tunnel of ick, he signaled for his companions to follow suit. Where Ivamel stood was a small landing area no larger than 15-20 feet wide and of similar length. One doorway sat ominously to the side and the party attempted to cross (slowly but surely). Quintos attempted to come across first, albeit without any semblance of grace to him. Ivemel noted a handful of times that some of the spaces between stones would move and then be replaced – as if someone were watching the group. Then, with superhuman reaction speed, Ivamel spotted an arrow with only the smallest piece sticking out of the stone wall, aiming at the group. Lunging forward he was able to use his shield to block the arrow and sever the tip at the wall. When Ghost Dancer was on his way across, the door opened suddenly and three combatants surprised our heroes and attacked without warning.

Ghost Dancer was struggling to get across, slipping and sliding across the confusing and ever-moving surface of the Condom of Ever Present Doom. A flaming arrow flew from the adjacent room and hit the greasy surface, setting it alight. Ghost Dancer made it across with little damage, while Ivamel and Quintos approached the new enemies. Lundie followed across the Flaming Condom of Doom with minimal damage but much effort, and Ghost’s axe beak sprinted across with relative ease. An enemy spellcaster flung spells and illusions, taking blows from the powerful warriors and, as a last ditch effort, turned herself into a werewolf. Now across, Lundie approached and began to waylay the evildoers (whose home was invaded…), joining Ivamel, Quintos, and Ghost Dancer in slaying the foes. Beyond the current room lay another smaller room with a chest inside. A few pricey baubles lay within, but most importantly was an ornately made bag. Deciding to investigate the bag further, Lundie peered inside and was abruptly swallowed up to his calves. Being the hero he is, Quintos sprung into action and quickly grabbed Lundie, then teleported some distance away, leaving the bag (named Steve) on the ground, looking for food. A short rest ensued as the party gathered their wits and headed back to the only path still available.

Beyond the other door in the hallway lay a stairwell that led downward into the ground. The party descended the steps, and at the base of the stairs the group continued on the only path available, watching the rock change from worm formed tunnels to finely worked stoneways. The hallways were dark, dank and warm. Turning a corner, our intrepid heroes (in the dark mind you) found themselves at an opening to a large room that expanded out in gradual fashion. Ivamel and Ghost Dancer were without the ability to see very far without some form of light in the pitch blackness of this room, but Lundie and Quintos noticed the widening of the room and the heightening of the ceiling immediately. The room was described as a dome of some sort but the walls seemed…off. Quintos’ amazing ability to see clearly in the dark allowed him to spot three rather large treasure chests at the opposite side of this enormous room. Suddenly three enormous crab-like creatures appeared and attempted to protect the chests from the invaders. Lundie struck enormous blows backed by the glory of Moradin and waded himself into battle with the gigantic crustaceans. Quintos took aim with his spells, his sword, and his phallic dragon wand of lightning – crippling the foes and providing the distraction needed for Ghost Dancer to fly above them. From his lofty perspective, he was able to throw spell after spell at the crabs, aiding those on the ground by distracting, disabling, and damaging the creatures. Ivamel sprung into action and advanced to the closest crab, wielding his fiery sword of death. The sound of metal on exoskeleton and the crackling of lightning filled the domed room to near deafening levels. The melee warriors focused their attacks on one enemy at a time and before long, the final blow was struck and our heroes were left to collect their bounty (Steven included). This is where we pick up our story.

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Redmark Session 40: Swamp Foot is Real

Redmark Date: Third Age—April 20, 1331

A good long talk

The group continues sloshing through the tunnels of what they think is a either a volcano or a mountain with steam vents. There is 1-inch of water on the floor and seems to be everywhere they look.

The group takes the west hallway after passing the sphinx. Lundie falls into a pit (twice) and has to be helped out by Quintos and the others. The group walks towards an opening and they notice that all of the metal they are wearing and carrying is starting to heat up. Quintos sends his owl forward once the group cannot move forward due to the heat. Quintos’ owl sees a door but the group cannot move towards it without injury. They decide to leave the door for a later time. On the way back down the hallway, Quintos falls into the pit that Lundie fell into and is helped out by Lundie.

Going down the east hall, quickly Ghost Dancer’s feet start to burn. He looks down and sees that acid has burned through his boots. The group retreats from the east hall and decide that maybe the central hallway is best.

Trying the central hall, the group finds no traps or acid and proceeds down the hall unabated. The group comes to a large room, in that room a woman comes out of the water trying to draw the group towards her. Quickly Ghost Dancer changes into a shark and dives into the water to swim over. Once Ghost Dancer reaches the woman turns into a seaweed monster. More creatures spawn from the seaweed monster throwing Qunitos and Ghost Dancer into the water. Ivamel and Lundie defeat the monsters freeing Ghost Dancer and Quintos from the seaweed creature’s control.
Ghost Dancer turns into a squid and goes into two rooms he found while he was as hark that were below the water level. In there he finds a gem worth 2,000 GP, 600 GP, and a suit of +1 chainmail. Ivamel sinks the 600 GP and the +1 chainmail in the room so that we can come back for it later.

We find a spinning hallway off of the room with the seaweed monsters. Ivamel crosses the hallway.

Loot Report

  • 600 GP (sunk in room)
  • 2000 GP (sunk in room)
  • +1 Chainmail (sunk in room)
Ghost becomes a shark to investigate

 Ghost becomes a shark to investigate

The hapless victim please for help

 The hapless victim please for help

The Swamp Creature!

 The Swamp Creature!

Ghost becomes a squid

 Ghost becomes a squid

Redmark Session 39: A Dwarf Goes Under a Mountain

Redmark Date: Third Age—April 19-20, 1331


Despite putting the ordeals of the [name of pocket dimension island] behind them, the parties island adventures are far from over. Now they find themselves on another one, albeit one in Redmark at least, seeking out ancient weapons of great power located beneath a dormant volcano.

Their safe journey through the jungles of of the island of Dasarria was rudely interrupted by some good for nothing Knolls. Fortunately, the party has mastered the art of turning things up to 11 and utterly destroyed…maybe dispatched would be a better way of putting it…and were soon safely on their way again.

At first, with steam bursting out of small crevasses all over its side and smoke spewing out of the top, the volcano appeared to be only mostly dormant. However, the parties surprisingly average intelligence was somehow able to figure out that the steam was all venting at the same time and at precisely 30 second increments. This could only mean one thing! Something else was creating the steam. Naturally, the most obvious answer was “There be dragons in that mountain”. So, with weapons drawn and spelunking hats dawned, they charged head first into a cave from witch steam belched out.

Annnd, no dragon. Just a dead end cave with a difficult to open hatch. Fortunately, traveling to pocket dimensions, fighting leach kobolds, talking down an angry mother dragon, and surviving a terrifying haunted house had girded their loins against fear and doubt. Thus they were undeterred by this mysterious and unexpected man-made hatch inside a volcano and continued on.

And again…no dragons. There was a gynosphinx, though. It seemed terribly bored with life. It told of a legendary ancient wizard from the 2nd age called Keraptis(he’s bad, apparently), who had built this strange underground bunker. Those wishing to pass the gynosphinx were first required to answer three riddles. Seemingly unaware of their not low but all together unimpressive intelligence, they confidently agreed to the challenge. And won with great ease! Hoozah!

Now, with loins still very well girded, they spelunk ever deeper into this cave. Which isn’t actually a cave, but a man made structure. Hmm…maybe they aren’t really spelunking after all. Just trespassing. Again.

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