Redmark Date: Third Age—April 21, 1331

The annoying halfling

The group enters a room and finds a halfling huffing a hookah. He’s chained up in a room with silky, sultan-like pillows. As the party speaks with him, he alternates between his own annoying, high-pitched voice and a crazier voice from a chromatic wizard that’s using the halfling as a medium to channel his voice and mind.

One of the party casts Zone of Truth and forces the halfling to answer questions, which reveal that he’s a lying little halfling who has set a trap for the group.

He reveals, however, that the Tree Sword, Spathixifos, is to the East and nadir.

A battle breaks out. Ghost Dancer polymorphs the halfling into a tiny snail. Stan the GM’s eyes get wide and he grins a terrible grin. He disappears to the bookshelves and returns with—a mini of a giant snail.

Before the party can finish off the snail-halfling, he turns into mist and disappears.

In the room, Quintos finds Black Razor, a sentient, soul-eating sword, under a pillow.

Into the nadir

The party goes back to the water-filled chamber they came across when they first entered this endless cavern-dungeon. They pass the gynosphinx, who is annoyed that the party isn’t dead yet.

Ghost Dancer turns into an octopus—and Marcus gets octo-curious.

They open the drain, and whoosh down stairs and into a hallway. After the water finishes draining, the rest of the party comes down, and they discover a large, oval room of murals. Murals that show an Urthjarl Stone.

Another mural shows the Tree Sword.

And then Black Razor tells Quintos that it has a quest: to go to Dassaria to the King’s throne room in Mystkar. It is there Quintos will see Black Razor’s full power.

Loot Report

  • Black Razor
Nobody expects a giant snail

Nobody expects a giant snail!