Standing in a dome shaped room covered in murals of battles long past, the party notices some strange runes on the wall.  With his patron’s gift to read all writing, Quintos notes that the runes mark the entrance to king Melinaus’ tomb. But there is no door to be found.  As they seek a way to find the door, Quintos remembers a word which was described to him as a key; Dagardanganda.  Once spoken, the door opens and the party proceeds into the tomb.

Inside, they are forced to fight a vampire, Corruptus(the ancient wizard that built the tomb), 2 gynophinxes, 2 genies, and some other creature.  Challenging as it was, the party proved to be the better team leaving only the vampire alive, who escaped because there was no sunlight or running water.  What came of him is still unknown.

And, finally, in the next room they find Melinaus’ body.  In his hands is the Tree Sword.  Upon his brow, a diadem holding another Earhjarl Stone.  As they respectfully collect them, Melinaus speaks, “Now, it is over and I can finally rest”.  Immediately, his body turns to ash. The moment is short lived because the earth begins to shake. The magic that once held this place together was gone and the entire mountain began to collapse.

The crypt fight

The crypt fight!

Having finally escaped that “crazy clown wizard hell dungeon”, they make their way back to Mystkar to reunite with friends, loved ones, and just any form of civilization they can get their hands on.  Also, to complete a quest forced upon them by three crazy sentient weapons from the first age. Specifically, Whelm, Wave, and Blackrazor. Interestingly, Ivamel noticed that Marcus(who wields Wave), Lundie(who wields Whelm), and Quintos(who wields Blackrazor) have two shadows now.  Uncomfortable with the weapons desires, Quintos attempts to unattune to Blackrazor. But it won’t let him. Not for 11 more days. Consulting his many gods, Marcus learns that the sword’s and Quintos’ destiny are linked. It would seem that even after all that work in the dungeon that shall not be named, he still can’t use the Tree Sword.  Oh, the life of an adventurer.

Oh, there were also some jungle knolls…for a few seconds.

Gnoll attack

Gnoll attack!