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Upcoming Games

Lots of extra gaming in the next month but we’ve yet to finalize a few games. Stay tuned for email RSVPs. Email Stan if you have questions. Imperium One-Shot — Tuesday, July 5 6:30pm (Stan’s House) Star Wars — Thursday, July 7 6:30pm (Stan’s House) Game Blitz Day (was ShinnCon; more below) — Saturday, July 9: — 1:30-5:30pm Imperium one-shot — 6:30-10:30pm 50F Makeup Game […]

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1977 Classic Traveller Box Cover

Book Reviews: Of Beowulfs and Albino Anti-heroes

My musings on three products I loved from the 70s which had some likely-not-coincidental cross-over use of drug-dependant albinos and sci fi Beowulf references. Elric of Melniboné Recently I finished reading ‘Elric of Melniboné’, the first book in the original 6 novel Elric series by Michael Moorcock. Moorcock reads much like Robert E. Howard’s Conan: fast, […]

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Gaslight Heroes 1st Four Sessions

I’m terribly bad about posting game recaps, but I need to at least do a good job of tracking advancement 🙂 Last week we finished our four game. Our advancement history is as follows: Game One: Minor Milestone Game Two: Minor Milestone Game Three: Major Milestone Game Four: Minor Milestone I’ll try to create a […]

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Cinematic RPG Design Diary: Skills

I’m working on a multi-genre original RPG called ‘Cinematic’ that will have traits and skills with an optional stunt system (that you can use or ignore). There will be a Sci Fi implementation of Cinematic called Imperium RPG. First let’s talk about the generic Cinematic RPG core system. Two Attributes Cinematic will work like Cortex Plus, Traveller, […]

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Top Stuff I Want To Run Someday

Been thinking about the ‘stuff I’m itching to run someday’ so thought I’d jot it down. Interesting how things evolve: see my post in 2014 of things I was itching to run two years ago. Probably the Sci Fi stuff has my biggest interest at the moment. Sci-Fi Campaigns Blood & Steel (Imperium RPG) — After […]

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Upcoming Games; June 30 One-Shot; Imperial Assault

Game Schedule Here’s a weekly roundup of upcoming games listed on the Dicehaven Google Calendar. Look for further details and RSVPs from your respective GMs. Texicon — Thursday, June 23 to Sunday, June 26 (see; Robert, Jeff & Mason and maybe others will attend at least one day) Gaslight Heroes — Thursday, June 23 6:30pm (Stan’s […]

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Sci Fi Technology and Setting Dials

I’m continuing my thoughts on Sci Fi setting ‘dials’. Here is a brain dump of version technologies that you should probably consider for any Sci Fi setting. At the end I give my opinion on which technologies I typically use or avoid. Technology Questions Starships FTL Drives —Are there faster-than-light drives? How do they work? […]

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Imperium Story Types

Been talking to Mason about his upcoming Imperium campaign. One topic that has come up is Sci Fi tropes. Here’s a table I came up with at one point that is useful to think through. Might be worthwhile to ask players which tropes they like or don’t like 🙂 12 Sci-Fi Story Types Review the list for ideas, or roll 2d6 and […]

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Larry Niven's Ringworld

Ringworld Novels & RPG

I just finished Larry Niven’s Neutron Star; amazingly good stuff! I read a lot of Larry Niven’s Known Space science fiction back in the 80’s. I am beginning to re-read his novels. His characters and stories span several centuries, so it’s hard to know where best to jump in. I did some research and put […]

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