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The Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 01

For our Sept. 13 D&D 5e game we had 6 players. Each player earned 350 XP which puts all level 1 characters at 2nd level. You earned a total of 61.50 gp (0.50 means 5 sp converted to 1/2 a gold piece; you convert all treasure to gp at the end of an adventure except […]

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Prep for D&D 5e Demo Day: Background and Characters

For those attending the D&D demo day, here’s what you need to know. You can show up with just a smile, no prep necessary. However, if you want to create your own character prior to game-day, that’s cool, just read below. Setting: In the world of the Forgotten Realms, it is the year 1485 DR […]

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Starmada Game at MilliniumCon

Large Scale Fleet Battles for Traveller Games

One of the things our Traveller group at ShinnCon decided was that we wanted to eventually get into large scale, epic fleet battles. Classic Traveller (and related systems like Striker, Mayday, Azhanti High Lightning which deal with skirmish, on-ship or small ship-to-ship encounters) doesn’t seem to be well suited to this. Especially given we have […]

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Traveller Game: Lessons Learned & Future Tools

Our first ShinnCon (an at-my-house 12 hour game day, emulating a ‘mini-con’) was a great success! 9 players plus Stan as GM / referee. I’ll post more about the adventures and events of the day, but before I forget I wanted to jot down some notes on things on things that went well, things I […]

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Dreadfall Episode 03: Pretech Riddles

Date: July 19, 2014 Players: Everyone was present at this game. XP: All players earned 7 XP; a few earned additional XP due to Edges or rolling 6-. At games end the players discovered what “DR” and “34D” stood for, but this only raised new questions.

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Dreadfall Episode 02: Wang’s Outpost

Date: June 21, 2014 Players: Everyone but Jeff was present at this game. XP: Players started with 10 XP. At the end of the session Jim Bob earned an extra 3 XP (1 XP but ret-conned to 3 once our rules changed). We converted from Fate over the Stan’s Apocalypse World hack called Cinematic.  

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One-shot: D&D 5e Demo Game

On July 5th we were down a few players due to the 4th of July weekend. Stan invited a friend who was interested in D&D (interest piqued by being a big Forgotten Realms fiction fan). We had three total players. Stan ran an 1e one shot from an adventure he’d written and run before. A […]

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One-shot: Fiasco Superheroes

For our April 26, 2014 game, since Stan was jet-lagged from an oversees trip, Jeff gave Stan a break and ran Fiasco. A great time was had by all — a superheroes B-Team ended up in space fighting an alien super-weapon. Luckily, we saved the day, although I can’t claim that we were quite as noble as […]

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Dreadfall Episode 01: Working Man

Episode 01: Working Man Date: 4-12-14 Players: Stan (the man) Jeff (Flin) Mason (Castle) Jim Bob (Sam) Robert (Philip) John (Ezra) All the characters are from the same plantation called Greenfields and have all posted into the Apprenticeship through various means. Somehow the group has all been selected to be as part of the same […]

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Dreadfall Episode 00: World Creation

Date: 3-29-14 Got the group together for the first time and spent the entire 4 hours collaborating on group world creation (NPCs, PC backstory, setting details, etc.). What a blast! The adventure takes place on ‘New Earth’. We didn’t get into our adventure, but here’s a Rush song reminiscent of our new characters and their […]

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