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Blood & Steel — Episode 00

Did a trial run of a new mini-campaign set in the Spinward Frontier of the Imperium. We did some word-building, talked about what we wanted in a campaign, and did a quick, 1-hour game to try out combat with 15mm miniatures. We decided it worked well, using the colored bases as a way to help […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 06

Our heroes meet Rel Thaxton, not-quite-a-Jedi, in a dark, smoky bar…right after Kek nearly picks a fight with him, and Cornelius draws his blaster. Rel tells the crew that Lu’Nimah sent him. He proves it with a series of secret handshakes, winks, and twitches. He’s here to take the force-sensitive Dredge to find a hidden […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 05

Something smells funny on the O.R.C. Tyrannus. It turns out to be Kek—a rat-like, bat-like humanoid who stows away on the ship. On Vor Deo, the heroes visit a park to pick up information from Lu’Nimah. As Vin Sai tries to track the stealthy Kek, Isshtatha leaps into action to save a petite trollop from […]

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The DM's View: 1 Page Dungeon Notes

Shambling Throne of the Death Cult King

Quick recap of the ShinnCon V game. Here was the description: “Shambling Throne of the Death Cult King” You are about to settle in for a peaceful night at the Drunken Dragon Inn when Chaos strikes. Literally. A local cultist bursts in and demands tribute to the Chaos God, whose death horde swiftly approaches. Rumored to […]

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Board Game Grand Prix

In the first meeting of the Board Game Grand Prix, four games were played at Common Ground Games. Splendor — winner Martin — 2 points Splendor — winner Martin — 2 points Star Wars Imperial Assault — Martin 1 point (for the Imperials)  [Robert 1 point, Nick 1 point, Brooks 1 point, Patrick 1 point] Ticket […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 04

It is a dark time for our heroes. In a rush to rendezvous with Skelly Kandos on Thrin, the crew of the O.R.C. Tyrannus takes off—without checking their ship for deadly, hissing space-assassin-ninjas. It proves to be a fatal mistake. Halfway to the moon, the crew is ambushed by five assassins. Surrounded, A9-LX is reduced […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 03

In the aftermath of their skirmish with Storm Troopers, the Rebels clean up the carnage. Daymont Syko hails the home-base of the dead Storm Troopers. His ruse works. He discovers the location of Garr Juun, a Sullustan who worked with Dalin Show to betray the rebels.
 Disguised as Storm Troopers, the party pays a visit […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 02

As the Empire ramps up its Thorilide mining operations on Vor Deo and its moon, Thrin, the Rebels grow concerned. Meanwhile, the crew of the O.R.C Tyrannus, all sworn to the Rebel Alliance for their own reasons, detours their cargo run for a top-secret Rebel mission: to pick up Agent Lu’Nimah. But instead of finding […]

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Boot Hill: Texas Rangers

Location: Our campaign takes place near Promise City in Texas, near the Indian territory, just south of the Red River near the Panhandle. Fort Griffin lies to the east of Promise City. Palo Duro Canyon lies to the Northwest to give you a sense of the geography. Rules: Use the standard Savage Worlds rules without […]

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