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Close-up of a key battle.

Legends of Redmark: The Blood Arena

Had a great D&D game this last Saturday! Characters were at 6th level for this game and will be at 7th level next time we play. Other news: For out next game on Jan 31st we’ll spend most or maybe all the session building our characters and backstories and such for the mega-epic 50 Fathoms […]

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John does Trig to determine when enemy Apes in two groups will be in firing range!

Redmark D&D Play Report (Nov. 24, 2014)

On Monday, Nov. 24th, we ran a game from 1pm to about 9:45pm. A great time was had by all! The mystery of the Wheel of Time was unraveled. Players survived a shipwreck, killed a bunch of intelligent apes (though a few juveniles escaped), evaded a gargantuan T-Rex, survived the mind games of siren-like lamprey […]

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Deathmist Isle

The Wheel of Time and the Island of Death

Two hundred years ago the people of the kingdom of Oskarria rose in revolt against the oppressive monarchy of King Alendus II. Mobs surged through the streets of the capital city of Ravnor, forced their way into the palace, and ransacked it. Everything of monetary value was carried away and all else burned. The monarchy […]

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ShinnCon II Quick Recap

Today’s game had lots of creepy derelict ship exploration and alien ‘bugs’ of various forms. There was some opportunity to swindle a megacorp (InStarSpec) out of a ship, so the PCs have become pirates essentially, but still en route to Arda and Garda Villis. You now have two ships and are looking to sell some […]

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D&D 5e: Island of Death

It’s decided! For the Saturday Night Dice crew’s game-day on Nov. 24, we’ll run a game set in The World of Redmark — my own custom campaign setting. I’ll give you more background on the setting soon. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know for character creation: Character Creation: Create a new 1st […]

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The Last Parsec: The Hunt (Part 1)

Tonight’s game featured: Constantine — Human cyborg smuggler (Mason) Khan — Kalian four-armed fighter (John) Manoz — Sauron rogue (Jim Bob) Styrax — Floran assassin (Jeff) Each player received 5 XP (according to Stan’s ‘beginner’s luck’ houserule).

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WaCon 2014 Recap

Several of us played or ran in D&D Adventures League organized play games last weekend at WaCon down in Waco. It was a blast! I ran a game, Robert ran two games, and John ran a game plus a 2 hour pickup game (which was 4 hours of fun packed into 2 amazing hours). Everyone […]

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The Lost Mine of Phandelver: Session 02

For our Oct. 11 game we had 6 players. Each player earned: 76.48 gp (that’s 76 gp and 48 sp) 291 XP Treasure Details: Each player earns 10 gp from Elmar Barthen of Barthen’s Supplies for delivering supplies. 50 gp from Sildar Hallwinter for escorting him home (divided by 6). 50 gp from Linene Graywind of the Lionshield Coster […]

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Savage Worlds 2014-2015 Campaign Ideas

After our Dreadfall campaign ends (probably early Q1), I propose I run a Savage Worlds campaign. I still want to run Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, but I want to push that out 6-12 months until I’ve mastered the Savage Worlds system and have that firmly ensconced as a staple for our game group […]

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Back in the Saddle With Savage Worlds

I have said in recent months that while I love to play Savage Worlds I was not sure I wanted to run it again as a GM, mainly because the crunch level is a bit higher than my preference. But I’ve changed my mind! I want to run Savage Worlds again!!! Here’s why. My chief complaint about Savage […]

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