A session report for a Star Wars campaign using Fate Accelerated RPG rules.

Ruto, Darro, and Lumpawaroo have just escaped their carbonite prison on a Star Destroyer. Aboard their newly captured ship, a Corellian YT-2000, they soon find themselves facing a flight of four TIE Fighters which have swarmed to intercept them. After a furious space battle, the heroes destroyed the TIE Fighters and made the jump to lightspeed.

The heroes make their way to a moon around one of the five gas giants of Gedi where Rudok (their companion Ugnaught) says an underground network of Jedi supporters can be contacted. After landing in a cave hiding spot, some time later Rudok says “I knew it was too easy” as he finds a homing device that had been planted on their ship. The heroes have been tracked by the Empire!

At that moment, an Inquisitor and two elite stormtroopers arrive to challenge them.

Reth, a red-skinned alien known as the 11th Sister of the Inquisitorius, leaps to attack the three companions. Flashing blades of light and furious combat ensues. The 11th Sister soon finds she had underestimated the three young Jedi. A mortal blow takes her down and the two surviving stormtroopers drag her away to their ship where they quickly escape.

As the heroes watch the gull-winged shuttle disappear, they plot their next move, knowing the Empire will not rest idly while the young Jedi live.