A session report for a Star Wars campaign using Fate Accelerated RPG rules.

Arriving on Tatooine, seeking a job to get money for ship repairs, the Jedi companions encounter Sion Syko, a seedy Rhodian with connections to the local underworld. Syko, for a ‘modest’ fee, introduces the heroes to Teckla Biblo, a nervous looking human who will pay for transport for a container containing undisclosed contents. 

Teckla Biblo will pay for passage to Arkanis but will not disclose the contents of the mysterious container.

The hero’s Correllion Freighter can only get to the New Ator system before needing to stop for refueling. A Star Destroyer soon comes around the horizon, and pursues the hero’s ship. There is only one explanation for the Imperial pursuit — Syko has sold out the heroes!

The Star Destroyer tractor beams the hapless heroes before they can escape and they are soon swallowed into the belly of the looming Star Destroyer.

Teckla Biblo along with her cargo hide in secret compartments on their ship while Subcommander Khoan Haruss and a squad of stormtroopers board. The heroes negotiate with the Imperials, meanwhile noticing another ship in the Star Destroyer’s bay, also being inspected. Finally, Imperial probe droids discover the secret compartment with Techla Biblo. The sounds of a flashing lightsaber alert the heroes to the cargo’s true contents — Jedi Master Rel Thaxton!

The heroes jump into battle, soon dispatching and capturing Imperial Subcommander Khoan Haruss. A Jedi mind trick later, and the Imperials believe the neighboring captured ship to be their target, and they let the heroes escape.

Jedi Master Rel Thaxton was grievously injured, and Teckla Biblo had him suspended in medical stasis until he could secretly get care. Soon arriving on Arkanis, a member of the nobility and rebel sympathizer — Luca Asteer — helps Rel Thaxton heal in a bacta tank.

Investigating a knock in the wall, Lumpawaroo discovers a Porg (soon given the name ‘Puffy’) who had been trapped in the ship many days ago. Darro reconstructs captured imperial probe droids and creates a Droid named DD-9. With Rel Thaxton recovered and the new Porg and Droid companions, the heroes accompany Rel Thaxton to Tarnoonga, a remote jungle planet where they can undergo Jedi Training over the course of the next year. Soon to be known as The Jedi Watchmen, the Jedi heroes eagerly await their training while remaining concerned over the growing darkness of The Empire.