A session report for a Star Wars campaign using Fate Accelerated RPG rules.

In the era of the Republic, in a time before the shadow of the Empire fell across the galaxy, young padawan are sent on a diplomatic mission to the planet Teranon.  Three they numbered: Ruto the smallest (trained by Yoda), Darro (a former stormtrooper), and Lumpawaroo (a Wookie without a family).

At the height of the ceremony on Teranon, the last words the three padawan recalled were the words “Execute Order 66.”

As from a dream, the young Jedi then awake from being frozen in carbonite. Rudok (an Ugnaught) tells them they are on the Star Destroyer Dominion. Rudok needs the Jedi’s help to escape. 

After distracting the Stormtrooper guards, they make their way through air vents. In a hydroponics chamber that blocked the way they encounter a Swamp Devil that tries to strangle them.

Finally, the heroes make their way to a YT-2000 ship named the Midnight Dragon which they steal and use to escape the Star Destroyer. 

As the Star Destroyer fades into the background of stars, just as the Jedi think they are free, they see the distant shapes of a flight of TIE fighters racing to intercept them…