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Fire Willow

Redmark Session 28: Trixie the Pixie

April 7-9, TA 1331 April 7, 1331 Hagagakak’s Tent In the aftermath of the T-Rex beat-down at the cannibal village, the party liberates the captured villager, Lagu. As the party investigates the village, they find the shrunken heads of dozens of captured villagers decorating the huts of the cannibal clan. Lagu tells an awful tale […]

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Redmark Session 27: Hagagigak and Her T-Rex

April 6-7, TA 1331 Akamu, a jungle walker, joins our intrepid heroes as they begin their journey to find the Rock’s nest and the infamous White Buffalo. Looking out at the mountain, Ghost Dance and Quintos decide to fly up the mountain using Ghost’s spell, in hopes that they can retrieve several items that the […]

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Dicehaven Podcast Naming Convention Proposal

Here is my proposal on podcast naming conventions. Seasons and Episodes have 2 digit numbers and we abbreviate them for the podcast feed but spell out ‘Season 01 Episode 06’ in blog posts and other contexts. Each season has ‘Specials’ which are bonus games we play opportunistically at ShinnCons and what-not. These are not tied […]

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Red Dwarf by Justv23

Vanguard Session 01: Signals (Take 2)

Captain’s Log: Stardate 1253.01 “We’ve received a message from the civilian exploration starship Ventura that their long-range shuttlecraft called the Susquehanna has gone missing in the Carina Nebula, deep within the Taurus Reach. The Susquehanna was investigating an unusual alien signal that originated from the nebula on the newly discovered Class M planet Seku VI when […]

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Star Trek Podcasting Best Practices & Improvements (Updated)

Here are some notes from our 1/4/2017 recording sessions on ways to improve our podcasting of Star Trek Adventures game sessions. Tools Needed Rank Chart “Stay In Character” Sign Cheat Sheet — People/Places/Things Cheat Sheet Player stand — Stand for character sheet (not sure this is practical given the current room on table) GM Tools […]

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Star Trek Rules Q&A Part 1

Rules Questions Here are some answers to last sessions Star Trek Adventures rules questions. Question: Does momentum go away at the end of a scene? Answer: “At the end of each scene, one point of Momentum in the pool is lost” (p. 84). Question: How many questions does Momentum grant you? Answer: A successful roll […]

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"Sister Flight" by Dave Metlesits (

Sounds of Dicehaven: Early Sample Intro Music

I’ve been testing out some audio using Apple Garage Band. Star Trek Vanguard Campaign: Example Intro Theme “Jubilee” theme song by Scott Buckley. Possible Audio for the Dicehaven Roundtable (Note there is a ‘Pond 5’ audio ‘watermark’ on each track which will be there until we select and buy a given sound track). Funk House […]

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