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Land Ho!

They volunteered for their own reasons.  As word spread throughout the Gothic Empire of the discovery of a vast and new land, the Emperor’s aides quickly assembled the first year of cadets in the Imperial War Academy.  For various reasons, the party volunteered to leave hearth and home, maybe to never return to the shores […]

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The Captive of Dardrin’s Deep 02: The Secret of Sky Elves

See the full photo album. Had a great conclusion to the adventure! The heroes ventured into a subterranean shrine, had some interesting conversations with a giant Coy fish, and ended up fighting the ghost of the previous shrine-priest. See below for the map I never got around to showing you! Final conflict took place in […]

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Middle-earth in TA 1640

Heroes of Arnor Our new ‘B’ campaign is ‘Heroes of Arnor’. Check out the trailer!: Was doing some research in preparation for a potential Middle-earth campaign. Here are my notes. A Brief History of Middle-earth & Arnor In twelve minutes, you can learn just about all you need to know! Watch these two videos if […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 12

Evading a swarm of TIE fighters, the rebels escape from Tatooine with Adar Tallon. Twi’lek Rebel Agent Lu’Nimah then sends the rebel heroes on a mission to the jungle planet Najiba. Sed Hargo and Lanissa Trag are two wildlife activists who promise information vital to the Alliance but only after they rescue an endangered species: […]

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The Captive of Dardrin’s Deep 01: The Spire of Gold

After a vision with clues to saving a spell-slumbering elvish maid, the heroes ventured into the dangerous territory of the Red Centaurs to brave the perils of the Spire of Gold. After some adept thinking the party’s druid used a vine whip to fasten rope to the towers top. Scaling the outside of the tower, […]

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The Elf Woman in the Vision

The Captive of Dardrin’s Deep: Prelude

You’ve travelled alone thus far, but after a few pints shared with some interesting travelers you met this evening at the inn, you think you’ve found some companions you might venture with on the morrow. That night, as you turn in for the evening, you sleep fitfully. You feel like someone in the distance keeps whispering […]

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