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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 12

Evading a swarm of TIE fighters, the rebels escape from Tatooine with Adar Tallon. Twi’lek Rebel Agent Lu’Nimah then sends the rebel heroes on a mission to the jungle planet Najiba.

Sed Hargo and Lanissa Trag are two wildlife activists who promise information vital to the Alliance but only after they rescue an endangered species: a mated pair of Koalitas impounded by the Empire.

The party gets inside the Empire’s customs office where the Koalitas are held inside a stasis chamber. A few blaster shots and an explosion later, the heroes are frantically escaping from to their waiting ship, Koalitas in tow.

Aboard the Tyrannus, late in the night, Lanissa screams. The heroes find the Koalitas have evolved into deadly creatures!

After one Koalita is down but two of the heroes are incapacitated, Cornelius jumps into a exoskeloton workloader and subdues the remaining Koalita.

The heroes are then given a summons to meet Adar Tallon at a hidden rebel base. The location? The planet Alderaan. What could go wrong?…

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  1. Robert Miklos

    Loved the episode. Poor port authority guard John Johnson. Only doing his job. Didn’t know when he woke up that it was going to be a bad day.

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